What is FRAS COIN?

FRAS COIN is a Blockchain & Start-Up Incubator which have self-sustainability (have its own routine income), offers lifetime passive coin income + CAR COIN* as dividend.  The routine income comes from the “Online-Taxi + car rental + driver recruitment” business, as an Official Uber, Grab and Gocar partner in Indonesia.


Backed by  real companies,  have  real assets (Cars),  and  “certificates of assets” are kept indefinitely by the NXT Foundation  in Netherlands,  also   real legalized by the Indonesian government + many more;  It’s the only asset available,  that offers  multi-protection   &   multi-benefits   &  multi-surveillance (LIVE 24hour)  to public.


As a self-sustainable incubator for start up+blockchains in Asia FRAS COIN can last forever,  and  will not exhaust funds from our backers.  Random people can spark any ideas, which voted by the community, and the growing team of Frasindo’s Developers will make it happen;  Appoint as project leader/giving reward,  Provide all business needs,  Regular funding as needed,  Legality,  our own Shared-offices,  and then Acquisition as a Subsidiary/Child-Project of FRAS COIN.  (There is no need for any RISK, EXPERTISE and HASSLES to Idea’s Contributors.)


Fully-Comply with government regulation, and current progress is only the 1st step towards the BIGGER PICTURE of company expansions as seen in roadmap, it’s also  the only way   on   how to developing IT-Business without burn   the community’s entrusted funding;  Community could enjoy the benefits without get involved in the pump and dump.


FRAS COIN is the Mother-Project, therefore all other Frasindo’s Child-Projects   will reward 10% of its child-coins + dividend to all FRAS holders  forever and for free.  FRAS COIN also to be released on multiple blockchain-platform,  currently are available on ARDOR IGNIS and STELLAR.


Round 1

Pre-ANN (Preparing) start 1st January – 15th January DONE

ANN (everything ready) 15th January – 1st February


1st February – 1st April 2018
Round #1 open 4days, get 20% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 78.00%
Round #2 open 5days, get 18% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 76.70%
Round #3 open 6days, get 15% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 74.75%
Round #4 open 7days, get 10% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 71.50%
Round #5 open 10days, get 7% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 69.55%
Round #6 open 13days, get 5% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 68.25%
Round #7 open 15days, get 0% BONUS = extra Profit Share of 65.00%

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Ride-sharing services have had an impact on the way that people think about cars, car ownership and transportation in general. The influence on new car purchases is likely to be extremely significant in the year of 2020.


24/7 real observable live Activities by GPS & Camera, Help us securing the company

backed by real Assets, and the assets Certificate are Escrowed by NXT Foundation

Fully EStablished companies, not much research needed anymore, completing the less

PROVIDE Routine Passive Income, may never worry on market downturn times

legalized and REGULATED by the government, included in 2020 indo-transportation master-plan

everything about frasindo, anytime, anywhere, as easy from your phone


  • BANK SAVINGS (-Administration Fee = DEFICIT) -3%
  • BANK DEPOSITS, 1year LOCK* 6.5%
  • GOVERNMENT BOND, 10year LOCK* 6.81%
  • Possibility of Lifetime Routine Passive Income (COIN DIVIDEND)* 37.96%
  • Minimum Coin Income WARRANTY (Worst Case Scenario) 8.8%
  • NO LOCK, Coin Asset Growth on coin exchange 60%
  • 10% Coin Profit Share on ALL Company Expansions 70%
  • In regards 10% coin shares above, new asset coin is given 90%

Maximize your benefits

*Based on real data/annual

More you can get

*Rules applied

  • 10days Free Car Usage/year (redeem free CAR COIN)*
  • Secretive Buy Wall to protect investors
  • FIXED FRAS COIN Supply, the coin is DEFLATONARY


Free car usage + driver, take your family on a business-vacation

10% COIN Profit Share of all company expansions +FREE COINS represent it

guaranteed COIN Dividend upto 37.96%*, don’t get involved in pump & dump

Min COIN income warranty 8.88%*, make sure profit in difficult times




What they say:


EvilDave & Marenkar of the NXT Foundation do not endorse any projects and must remain neutral, since there might be a competing projects, and don’t have the control of it, in our case also include The Frasindo Projects. The advisory service provided is part of their job at the NXT Foundation, also as the person whom we trust to escrow some of the Frasindo’s assets certificate in Netherlands.


FRAS COIN is the asset which available on market exchange, while CAR COIN is the token to redeem FREE CAR USAGE and ALL other vacation benefits. CAR COIN is auto replenish every 24hours, and given for free ONLY to the FRAS COIN holders that are met certain criteria { Read More at FAQs }. Both coins are transferable.