What is FRAS?

FRAS is a Self-sustainable Start-Up Incubator, in the form of Online Taxi Supplier which have routine income.

Imagine someday in the futuristic world, where autonomous car is everywhere=


People don’t have to buy cars and bother maintain it, they only need to support certain %percent ownership of “electric autonomous taxi”, and the contributors could freely use and call the car for pickup anytime they need; His ownership %percentage will gave them a free usage quota and luxury/service level they can enjoy. The contributors are not only given free usage, meanwhile all ordinary user have to pay and queue to call the taxi, they also receive passive income and benefits.


FRAS are providing “real life Blockchain & Cryptocurrency usecases” towards that vision.

With FRAS, members can suggest startup ideas, which then get voted by the community, and if enough votes are received, the developers team at Frasindo will make it happen by appointing them as project leaders. We will then provide all business needs, necessary funding, legality, and, shared-offices. It will then become a subsidiary / Child-project of FRAS, which makes this riskfree, hassle free and doesn’t require any expertise by the original contributors. (The child-projects will add giveaway 10% of its coins along with its benefits to FRAS Members).


FRAS is supported by PT. Frasindo Lima Mandiri and backed by many assets within the transportation industry, we are also the only company which offers lifetime benefits to holders, +CARCOIN* vouchermulti-protectionand 24hour LIVE-surveillance to the public. Some of the certificate of assets are kept indefinitely by the NXT-ARDOR-Foundation in the Netherlands. FRAS fully complies with government regulations and has been fully legalized and approved by the Indonesian government (Transportation & Limited Fintech).


To support “the self-sustainable” and “the Vision”, FRAS needs routine income, and the main income comes from the “Online-Taxi + car rental + driver recruitment” business, as an Official TAXI ONLINE partner in Indonesia. With that routine income FRAS can last indefinitely  and  will not exhaust contribution funds.  

Frasindo’s current progression is only the initial step towards the company’s vast expansion plan as stated by the roadmap. We see this as the best way to develop IT & business without exhausting the community’s entrusted funding. In the future, the Community could enjoy the benefits without being involved in the ‘pump and dump’ culture.


The eligible FRAS Holders, are also could generate CARCOIN daily for free, the voucher can be use for vacation purposes; Bring your families visit Indonesia, survey the assets and then sipping coconut at the beach, as easy redeem the CARCOIN for free rooms, free food, free tour, free guide, free car usage, ETC.


Together build Blockchain & CRYPTOCURRENCY USE CASES for the world

15th February (GMT+0)– 15th April 2018 (GMT+0)

Round #1 for 4days, 20% BONUS DONE
Round #2 for 5days, 18% BONUS DONE
Round #3 for 6days, 15% BONUS DONE
Round #4 for 7days, 10% BONUS DONE
Round #5 for 10days, 7% BONUS DONE
Round #6 for 13days, 5% BONUS DONE
Round #7 for 15days, 0% BONUS DONE

Thank you for your contribution

We gather enough to make difference in real life

Please continue to guide us, gave support+time to make the mission come true
Crowdsale will be back (TBA)

Result can be seen in User Dashboard area (Simply Register+Login)

The “Self Pump & Burn” are ways to raise the FRAS deflationary value by converting routine income from the real-online-taxi business. Routine Self-Pump are held every 5th-15th monthly (the 1st are started on September 2018)

Ride sharing services have had an impact on

the way people think about their

method of transportation,

car ownership and transportation in general.

The influence on new car purchases is

likely to be extremely significant by 2020.



24/7 Observable live surveillance achieved via GPS & cameras, help us protect the asset & the company

Backed by real assets and the assets certificate escrowed by the NXT Foundation

established companies, dedicated to completing roadmaps, and SUPPORtS ideas from the members

Lifetime member benefits such as FREE TOUR GUIDE, free car usage, and drivers included

Legalized and regulated by the government, Included in the 2020 transportation masterplan

Fully accessible information about Frasindo, even on the move via your mobile phone


  • BANK SAVINGS (-Administration Fee = DEFICIT) -3% -3%
  • BANK DEPOSITS, 1year LOCK* 6.5% 6.5%
  • GOVERNMENT BOND, 10year LOCK* 6.81% 6.81%
  • Possibility of asset buyback+burn from market* (up to) 37.96% 37.96%
  • Minimum growth of asset is maintained (up to) 8.8% 8.8%
  • NO LOCK, Coin Asset Growth on coin exchange 60% 60%
  • 10% COIN GIVEAWAY from ALL Child-Projects /fork 70% 70%
  • In regards 10% coin giveaway above, there might be new benefits 90% 90%

Maximize your benefits

*Based on real data/annual

More you can get

*Rules applied

  • 10days Free Car Usage/year (redeem the free CAR COIN)*
  • Secretive Buy Wall on market to protect members
  • FIXED FRAS COIN Supply, the coin is DEFLATONARY


Free car usage + driver, take your family on a business-vacation

10% coin giveaway from all child-projects +benefits represent it

BUYback+burn the COIN upto 37.96%*, safe from pump & dump

Min growth of company 8.88%*, make sure profit in difficult times




What they say:


EvilDave(Dave Pearce) does not officially endorse any projects due to his role as escrow provider and his previous role at the NXT Foundation. The Ardor and NXT Group (ANG), the evolution of the NXT Foundation, must also remain neutral, since there might be a competing projects, and don’t have the control of it, in our case also include The Frasindo Projects. The advisory service provided is part of their job at the NXT Foundation in Netherlands. We would also like to thank Marenkar(Travin Keith) for his help with blockchain advisory during his time at the NXT Foundation and the Ardor and NXT Group.


FRAS COIN is the asset which available on market exchange, while CAR COIN is the token to redeem FREE CAR USAGE and ALL other vacation benefits. CAR COIN is auto replenish every 24hours, and given for free ONLY to the FRAS COIN holders that are met certain criteria { Read More at FAQs }. Both coins are transferable.