PT. Frasindo Lima Mandiri was founded in 2013. The company’s foundations were built by passion, and, right from the get go we’ve intended for Frasindo to be a lifelong project. Our values on employee relations and individual growth have created a truly passionate team, dedicated to the continual development of Frasindo as a company. Frasindo’s core teams’ commitment, passion and professionalism inspired a group of local investors to give us the potential opportunity to expand our business into a global platform. The company will become the use case of blockchain technology, mentored by the NXT Foundation. 



We invite all of our members to participate in enquiring business assets, we even have the opportunity for members to view our 24hour GPS and live feed cameras, allowing you to get a viewing experience of what we do as a company and how we operate as a business. It is our belief that we should show true transparency to our supporters; Also discover the fun in enjoying the member’s benefits.

Having both business and pleasure at once?

why not?

Frasindo make it happen for you.

24HR Camera

24 hours and 7 days real life, observable live activities through office cameras, its interesting to see all the workers activity, you can see how things in office..


All vehicles are embed with 3 GPS trackers, Tapping Voice, and Inward facing Camera. Members are invited to participate in securing the assets.


Real Assets Certificates & Copy of all incorporation are legalized and checked by notary, also being escrow by the NXT Foundation in Netherlands

Growth of Value

Minimum growth of asset is maintained up to 8.88% pa. Making sure the supporters will always be profit, even though in difficult times.

Our mission is to pioneer a secure company for the Blockchain community, Secured by real assets, and always 24/7 transparent.

The Team

EvilDave(Dave Pearce) does not officially endorse any projects due to his role as escrow provider. The Ardor and NXT Group (ANG), the evolution of the NXT Foundation, must also remain neutral, since there might be a competing projects, and don’t have the control of it, in our case also include The Frasindo Projects. The advisory service provided is part of their job at the NXT Foundation in Netherlands. We would also like to thank Marenkar(Travin Keith) for his help with blockchain advisory during his time at the NXT Foundation and the Ardor and NXT Group.




FRAS COIN is short for “Frasindo Rent”, it is a Self-Sustained Blockchain Incubator, which is in a form of fully operational car rental company which supplies “ONLINE TAXI” with vehicles and drivers. Frasindo has been authorized by the government as an official partner of “UBER”, “GRAB”, and “GOCAR” in Indonesia. We have worked exceptionally hard to achieve our partnership with Uber and as a company, we have learned invaluable experience along the way regarding criminal activity within the transportation industry, with this new-found knowledge, we will continue to be vigilant against crime..


“Frasindo Rent” is ready to move on to the next phase of our development. We are recruiting more IT developers, vehicles, drivers and continuing to strengthen our legality as KUPVA and KUPU whilst being monitored by OJK. As it stands, we don’t rent cars directly to the public as our primary focus is to continue our business relationship with “ONLINE TAXI”, however, in the near future we will be looking to expand our rental services to the public.

Frasindo’s real asset certificate and copies of corporate documentation are legalized and checked by our team of notaries, which are then escrowed by the NXT Foundation in the Netherlands.

FRAS COIN is released on the Ardor Ignis and Stellar Blockchain platforms, it can be traded on coin exchange and the Stellar/Ardor asset exchange. The buying, selling and transferring of FRAS COIN on ARDOR / STELLAR will not incur any transaction fees, if however, you use it in your Ardor Ignis or Stellar wallet, you will then need a sufficient amount of coins for the transaction fee. Ignis is a child-chain and is the native currency of the Ardor Blockchain. Lumens (XLM) is the native currency of the Stellar Blockchain.

Contact Us

Frasindo Office



(+62) 817 015 5151   (GMT+7)

(+62) 858-8685-1374 (GMT+7)


Ruko Mutiara Mas A3 no.3, Jl.cut mutia, Rawalumbu, Bekasi 17144 (Feel free to visit GMT+7 from 9am-5pm)