Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are common questions about Frasindo.

Fras Coin

What is Fras coin?


FRAS COIN is short for “Frasindo Rent”, it is a Self-Sustained Blockchain Incubator in a form of fully working car rental company, a supplier for ONLINE TAXI. Frasindo was authorized by the government as an official partner of UBER, GRAB, and GOCAR in Indonesia. Apart for Online Taxi, we also renting out the car to corporate (However for now, we will focusing to maintain the relation as Online Taxi Company Supplier).

FRAS COIN is a UTILITY TOKEN which backed by Real Assets, The assets is the cars and the whole company it self. FRAS COIN holders, is an unofficial representative of the main company. ANY FRASINDO’s COINS are not used to replace any National Currency of any country, and it is as our internal utility token on the company. Any coin/product that Frasindo’s release is also a form of membership token/voucher.

ARDOR on Frasindo

FRAS COIN is released on top of ARDOR IGNIS STELLAR Blockchain, can be traded on coin exchange and NXT/ARDOR Asset Exchange. The usage of FRAS COIN on coin exchange will not cost transaction fee in IGNIS / STELLAR fee, however if you use it on your ARDOR IGNIS or STELLAR wallet, then you will need sufficient amount of coins for the transaction fee. IGNIS is a childchain and native currency of ARDOR Blockchain; While LUMENS (XLM) is the native currency of STELLAR Blockchain.

Asset on which Blockchain Platform?

StellarFRAS COIN will be release on multiple blockchain-platform, currently are available on ARDOR IGNIS and STELLAR.

At the beginning of Frasindo Crowdsale, Supporters will be asked to choose from 1 of the several blockchain platforms available, FRAS COIN will then be sent to your wallet on the blockchain of your choice.

The interlink between blockchain platform will be handled by our Stellar Based ANCHOR CoinRupiah.com //and// also our REMITTANCE BitXplor.com both of which are owned and managed by Frasindo (both ANCHOR and REMITTANCE are also a child project of “FRAS COIN / Frasindo Rent”, meaning FRAS COIN holders well be given free airdrop 10% of its coins, and entitled to any benefits of it). An excellent addition to these child-projects is that they generate income from transaction fees plus cash out fees which are supported by fiat currency. An Anchor will also interlink blockchain to many fiat currencies through the bank account of the supported country.

ANCHOR = The function of an Anchor is to interlink any blockchain platform through an API. In doing so, the assets can move between various blockchain platforms and keep its limited supply intact. This means FRAS COIN can be sent to any blockchain platform such as Stellar, Ardor Ignis etc. It will soon be coming to Dash, Nem, Ethereum and NXT. As an example, if you were to send 1 FRAS COIN asset from Stellar to Dash, you will first need to send it via CoinRupiah.com and choose where you wish for your coin to be sent. The total supply of the coin will always be fixed and transactions will be checked, approved, maintained and/or rejected whilst being monitored by CoinRupiah.com

remittance bitxplor

REMITTANCE = The function of Remittance is to insure an easy transaction between the remittance wallet and other crypto wallets using multi assets, including the Fiat currency. In cooperation with an Anchor, the remittance app will make Fintech more robust and easy to
use. The Remittance app will allow for easy transactions across country, straight into bank accounts. BitXplor.com is not only striving to be a remittance app as it also supports savings deposits in cooperation with credit-union, local banks, and, multi-country investments from cross asset trading, ICO’s and Crowdsale projects.

Total Fras Coin in circulation?

FRAS COIN will have a total coin supply of 100,000,000 FRAS (One Hundred Million) and having 8 decimals.

The FIXED coin supply will make sure the coin is DEFLATIONARY, meaning a constant rise in value, and keep decreasing its supply over time (we hear a lot, that some people mistakenly dump the coin or forgot passphrase or lost the wallet, or send to wrong address without owner.)

How do I get Fras coin?

You can BUY FRAS COIN through FRASINDO SHOP in this website during INITIAL CROWDSALE, however IF the FRAS COIN is not fully sold out during initial Crowdsale, then there will be another Periodically Crowdsale in every few months, to finish up the FRAS COIN in reserves pool.



When buying FRAS COIN through FRASINDO SHOP, you will be automatically asked to create an ARDOR / STELLAR WALLET, or use your Existing ARDOR / STELLAR Wallet. This process is working on client side.

  • Once you have successfully created your Ardor paper wallet, we advise that you print your paper-wallet and keep it somewhere safe and secure. The FRAS COIN you purchased will be sent to your wallet address, after the crowdsale period is end
  • If you are using your existing Ardor wallet, please bear in mind that you should NEVER enter your secret passphrase or private key.
  • The Frasindo team WILL NEVER ask for any SECRET PASSPHRASE or PRIVATE-KEYDon’t be fraud by someone using our name.
What kind of benefit that I get when I have Fras coin?

There are numerous benefits which come from investing in Frascoin, we recommend all of our potential investors read our Whitepaper (Chapter 19, page 66). The ‘Frasindo Rent’ Whitepaper is a very informative read and explains all the possible features. We actively support customer feedback, so please feel free to leave us a review

FRAS Benefit

How do I spend Fras coin?

As it currently stands, FRAS COIN will only act as an asset token, released on the Ardor Ignis and Stellar Lumens Blockchain.

In the near future, we are hoping that FRAS COIN will be traded freely and directly within our own platform and integrated into an ATM.

Frasindo Developers will develop a wallet for assets to be released onto Android and IOS. This will allow FRAS COIN to be exchanged easily from the comfort of your mobile device. It will be fully compatible with all NXT, Ardor and Stellar assets.

Our next step will be to connect this wallet to the Remittance and coin exchange. We are also working with our partners to create Asia’s coin asset exchange, multi-asset debt card, the Indonesian multi-asset ATM distributor, multi-asset remittance, and eventually, an online banking service. FRAS COIN and all associated coins we plan to release in the future will be compatible with all of the above.


Car coin


What is car coin?

Frasindo CAR COIN

CAR COIN is a FREE CAR USAGE voucher, which will be given out daily for FREE, to our existing FRAS COIN holders whom have met our current criteria.

CAR COIN can be sold, printed, and, it is transferable to another individual of your choosing.

CAR COIN can be used only when visiting a region where Frasindo’s armada or one of our partners is active.

How do I get car coin?

Frasindo does not sell any CAR COINs, there are only two ways to attain them:

  1. Saving FRAS COIN in your wallet, at which point you’ll receive them for free, *as long as the criteria are met
  2. Buying from other Frascoin users


The current criteria for attaining CAR COINs, via saving your FRAS COIN in your wallet, are as follows=
The FRAS COIN in your wallet must be an exact number; You must hold an initial 20,000 FRAS COIN to participate in the POS proof of stake, which will award you CAR COIN each day. For every 10,000 FRAS COIN you add, you will then be awarded one CAR COIN daily.

􀀀 Minimum 20,000 FRAS COIN = 2 daily CAR COIN
􀀀 The next 10,000 FRAS COIN = 1 daily CAR COIN
􀀀 The next 20,000 FRAS COIN = 2 daily CAR COIN
􀀀 The next 30,000 FRAS COIN = 3 daily CAR COIN
􀀀 The next 40,000 FRAS COIN = 4 daily CAR COIN



Frasindo.com will allow the purchase of “CAR COINs” from FRAS COIN holders. Users of Frasindo.com will not need to own a specific wallet, however must be registered at Frasindo.com. The CAR COINs will be sent to the user via “Car Coin-Modul” at Frasindo Shop section of the website. The receiver can print/send/create/merge/receive/email the CAR COIN they got as vouchers. Users of Frasindo.com have the ability to chat to each other via the user dashboard, there they can send, receive and redeem their “Car Coin” vouchers.

If a fellow member wishes to see your coin shares, you can access this information via the Frasindo Shop section of the website, next to the voting-modul.

When registering at Frasindo.com, member will be auto asked to create an ARDOR / Stellar Wallet (+Can be PRINT). CAR COIN is not currently featured on any blockchain platform as it is controlled by an internal ledger within Frasindo system. We are, however, looking to potentially release it onto the coin market in the future.

Benefits of having car coin?

Redeem CAR COIN at Frasindo Shop, to use the=

  6. FREE ENTRY (to some events)
  7. ETC (More is coming).

More bonuses of ‘Car Coin’ are to be announced soon. This feature will only be available in select regions of Indonesia, however, we are looking to expand to more regions in due course.

Bring your family vacation to Jakarta Indonesia, read what you can do during your vacation at White Paper {Page 64} and {Chapter 19.2 on Page 68}.

You will love reading “Frasindo Rent” White Paper

Benefit CAR COIN

Is there any expire time for car coin?

Currently, there is NO expire time, we are still confuse on the mechanism to create single expire for each voucher without burdening the server.

We are carrying out continual research on the impact of ‘Car Coins’ on our car rental business, however we are confident it will allow us to progress on to our next roadmap expansion. We know that releasing only a few ‘Car Coins’ to FRAS COIN holders each day will limit continual abuse of the free car usage scheme and allow the vehicles to continue generating income for Frasindo. Alongside this, members are required to have a minimum of 20,000 of FRAS COINs to be deemed applicable for ‘car coins’, this will eliminate any profit loss for the company.

For now, to avoid spam and abuse=

  • Minimum FRAS COIN to hold which can receive CAR COIN must be 20,000 FRAS and receive 2CAR COIN/day
  • Distribution will be count every 24hours server time, there is timer for next distribution and next earnings on each accounts.


(road map)

What is this vote for?

Frascoin will have a vote mechanism in place which will help to decide which action is best for each period. In some occasions we will need to compound funds, especially when preparing to release another asset, or initiating a new company expansion, which will of
course require a significant amount of funding. The vote mechanism will be via the Ignis vote mechanism which requires a set fee. This will help to decide important decisions such as which roadmap to follow, project talks etc.

How the vote take effects? Can members create the vote?

All Frascoin holders will have the power to vote. When viewing the Frasindo Roadmap, you can see there are various paths and multiple directions in which we can progress towards. If said vote is winning, we at Frasindo will proceed with that plan. A few paths could potentially lead to new options for company expansions, and, as such, Frasindo’s management team have the right to intervene and call for a veto if they believe that Frasindo isn’t in the right financial position to expand.

Members are welcome to propose their own vote and ideas to help the company grow, providing the ideas are realistic and coinciding with Frasindo’s aims and policies, whilst also following our company values. The purpose of the voting mechanism is to work together as a community and to find solutions to problems as a collective group. It is not a mechanism designed for shifting blame from one person or another. We will not tolerate aggressive, insulting or disrespectful comments of any kind. We see this as a tool for progression and a way for investors to interact directly with Frascoin and to get a feeling of participation within the company, which can be very rewarding for both parties.

Can the vote decide the company internal? (Not Roadmap)

Investors are welcome to propose their own vote and ideas to help the company grow, providing the ideas are realistic and coinciding with Frasindo’s aims and policies, whilst also following our company values. The purpose of the voting mechanism is to work together as a
community and to find solutions to problems as a collective group. It is not a mechanism designed for shifting blame from one person or another. We will not tolerate aggressive, insulting or disrespectful comments of any kind. We see this as a tool for progression and a
way for investors to interact directly with Frascoin and to get a feeling of participation within the company, which can be very rewarding for both parties.


Then what can't the vote do?

CAN DO ANYTHING, but not to=

  1. Ruin/disband the company (team may come and go, but we won’t support this ever, ignored)
  2. Hurt others feeling, there is other softer and polite ways in explaining what we don’t like, and maybe want someone to step-down. (Non-Polite will be ignored)
  3. Refund, how can we refund something that has been sold to bough an asset or do the development/recruitment? (ignored). However we can do this ONLY IF the country is considered not safe, by selling all the assets. Investors must know, selling something can’t be fast, if we want something to be fast, we can’t have good price.

The Team will hear and read everything our investors have to say, we are here to make a difference, creating a unique experience for investors and breaking away from the usual trends of other cryptocurrencies. There are a multitude of platforms for investors to keep incontact with us, be it Bitcointalk.org forum, Twitter, Mystellar.org and particularly Frasindo Media. Investors advice, questions and concerns are important to us as a company and we will do everything we can to address your comments.

Your TESTIMONIALS and ADVISES is important to this company, consider this company is yours too.


What kind of coin benefits that FRASINDO give?

Depending on which asset you hold, there are several utility tokens which are set to be released by Frasindo throughout our roadmap expansions. Our primary focus at this moment in time is FRAS COIN, as we see this as key to all of our expansions.

To know more about each Token assets specialty and coin benefits, you need to read each Frasindo assets White Paper, in example to FRAS COIN, please read {Chapter 19 on page 66}

How do I use the benefits?

As easy as hoard your coins on your own ARDOR / STELLAR Wallet, or 3th party Wallet. Frasindo buyback+burn from market in monthly basis, and release the reports on FRASINDO MEDIA. All benefits also described on whitepaper, the usage will be made easy through its own module at the Frasindo shop

The company income regarding pump may fluctuates depends on the company performance each month, luck factor, recruitment, and crimes also take effect.

The income to be released to the market, in the form of buyback FRAS COIN from the coin markets, to preserve the coin value or pump it.

How is the passive income generated?

That also depends on what Frasindo Assets you hold, and this is related to the suitable business model, because some business are unable to deliver income routinely, here are the options :

  • Some passive income are generated by creating more coins to share – use POS (Poof of Stake)
  • Some don’t give income at all
  • Some are per/project basis (Receive huge income after few months)
  • Some are depending on the item sales (Retail / Commission based / Advertising)
  • ETC

For FRAS COIN as an example, the routine income generated by the rent fee in fiat, then will be deducted to cost+tax+etc, then the rest will be converted to bitcoin, then from bitcoin converted to FRAS via buyback+burn from the exchange market.

We will delist the coin exchanges wallet from the auto share benefits. So the Assets bearer on their own wallet will have bigger portions.

Can income from the child-projects be compounded?

Yes, in the future on each child-projects we can have that option, but this also depends on the asset holders, and depends on the coin availability (Fixed total supply). There will vote mechanism to decide whats best for each periods, in some occasion we do need to compound especially when preparing to release another asset/new company expansions, in which will need significant amount of funding. Or sometimes we do need compounding just to raise more income.

While the asset holders can still in profit by trading the coins on coin exchanges.


Real Company and Real Asset?

Frasindo is listed on the Indonesian government’s website. Links to our legal documents have been provided on the Whitepaper, they are also available on the ‘Resources’ section of the website. All of the company data and team information is open via Google Drive, there’s also various links on the Whitepaper. Accounting information, research information and plans are also open to the investors. The accounting file is updated daily, allowing investors to get a daily progress reports, or, if preferred, a weekly round-up version of the report is available.

The company it self also the asset, because build it requires tremendous time and sacrifice, not to mention the venue, the skill and non-skill workers, software, all the cars, etc.

Investors are invited to visit us, while enjoying all of the benefits of Frasindo’s assets, no other Cryptocurrency does this. We aim big, and, act fast while the competition is minimal.

Real Open and Transparent

All the team and company data is open on internet via google drive, we also share the links on the White Paper and Resources Links. That’s not all, we also open the accounting, research, all plans, and everything.

Investors are free to investigate. OPEN in this also could be, we are hearing the investors too.

All of our upcoming apps and software will be available on github. All of the above, combined with our 24/7 surveillance cameras, prove our ambition of being a truly transparent company, helping to ease investors concerns and creating a strong foundation of trust between us, as the company, and you, as the investor.

24 Hours Real Activities Live

Soon you can see us and everything through camera. Similar to reality-TV.

All cars will be embedded with Passenger Indoor Camera and GPS too. All the offices corners are equipped with surveillance.

The idea is to make investors take part in help expanding and protecting their company, and make them knowing everything, also have the control feels without dirty investors hands.

It’s also very interesting to see, like a live show+Alarm. we test our attendance absence through camera clocks.

here are the example, of FRASINDO other project attendance absence/documentation:

Auditable Report per Week

Investors could see the income we had daily, if it is down then it is, it usually up and down, sometime deficit too also sometime surplus.

The Accounting file is shared on Google Drive, and the links is available in White Paper, you must read our White Paper.

Some investors also can be given limited access to the bank account if desired, however we try to limit this, because the banks have 3times wrong password locking, and the company will stuck if someone hijack it, just to make the password wrong press 2x.

The accounting file is updated daily, and investors can see it live daily too, or in weekly final recap version.

Real Person (Video Call) No Hiding

We welcome all members from the Frasindo’s family of asset holders to contact any of our team members directly. If investors don’t have the time to come and visit us, we are available for video calls. We have plans in place to develop an official customer service team further down the line.

Without knowing the impact, and as an experiment, the CEO will share his contact below=

  • Sandy Budiman S
  • Line-ID     =  san2salim  (try use LINE for video-call, more stable than Whatsapp)
  • Whatsapp=  +628170155151 and +6285886851374
  • Skype       =  san2salim

Lets try this…     (^_^)v     Indonesia timezone is (GMT+7)

Real Office Welcome to Visit

We invite ANYONE to visit and have fun with us. This company is build to serve us all its asset holders.

FRASINDO provide Free Car Usage, Free Airport Pickup+Delivery, Free Vacation Tour, Free Lodge, Free F&B Exploration, and ETC. Investor could use the given free CAR COIN for this. See Benefits section.


Crowdsale bonus, period/rounds?

Each period will have time limits attached, this time duration gives investors the opportunity to achieve a bigger bonus by the end of the period. The details of each asset’s Crowdsale/ICOs will be explained in detail under the assets thread on our forum. In an attempt to thank our initial investors, all non-initial Crowdsales/ICOs will not receive a bonus.

Without Crowdsale bonuses Frasindo has the ability to sell the coins/assets at a special price, which could be below market pricing. The management will always protect their investors best interests and not endanger the market value, by limiting the Crowdsale amount.

FRAS Holder get the 10% coins of all company expansions?

FRAS COIN are the mother-project, it is the important-key and being promised giveaway of 10% coins of all company expansions. FRAS COIN holders in total, will be given the 10% of each assets to be release, without the need for FRAS Holders to buy the assets. Those 10% of each new assets will be shared in fair percentage depends on how many FRAS assets you hold.

FRAS Holder can do what ever they like with the new assets/coins they got, and entitled to new coin assets benefits too.

The new assets/coins will have its own Crowdsale and ICO by its own, with the remaining 90%stake.

Is this refundable?


Frasindo as a company actively suggests thorough due diligence and wise decision making before joining Frascoin. As always, never commit to an amount of money which you cannot afford to lose.

The refund process is bothering the Frasindo managements. We want to focus on the work as soon as possible.

How about KYC Policy (Know Your Customer) ?

We do the KYC only to some Frasindo Assets that needs it, in related to the government regulations, that is if requires it. We would avoid fuzzy if not necessary, besides it’s honoring investors privacy.

We will fully abide to any govermnent regulations

However, the coin frasindo releases are UILITY TOKEN that may not need KYC


Coin Asset Growth on Exchange

All Frasindo coin assets will be available on coin exchanges, we strongly believe that our assets will grow exponentially due to the advantages and benefits we currently have in place. In the very near future, Frasindo will have its own coin and asset exchange. It will list
all the coins and assets which have been released by Frasindo, along with other alt-coins we support. Since May 2017 we have been in the process of negotiations with several partners.

Company Ownership

Frasindo token asset holders do not have the right to company ownership, they may however unofficially represent and treat Frasindo as their own. The token asset holders have ownership of the coin, which is backed by Frasindo assets. We strive to make Frasindo a transparent company unlike current cryptocurrency companies. Our voting system is our way of allowing Frasindo’s asset holders to govern and advise our management team. The team will guarantee absolute devotion to the project.

In the distant future, when the IPO is on the Stock Market there will be a buy back of all token assets from the coin market, which will legally make Frasindo a public company. This is our aim and long-term goal.

Regularly Real News Reports

As explained in detail in fun ways in White Paper; Frasindo have experience in providing media portal and back-up everything related to our project.


The example of Frasindo Product is www.MyStellar.org as an unofficial partner of Stellar Foundation.

Stellar Foundation on Frasindo

FRASINDO MEDIA will back-up everything and try to translate it to English. But English is not our native language, so hope readers understand some article may wrong translated. Until we had our own exclusive translator crew (If we already had more than enough assets to fund them), please bear with us in using Google Translate.

FRASINDO MEDIA will keep all the investors always updated, try to make difference than other coins/assets, we won’t keep the investors in the dark & feeling unsafe.

Same as we don’t like to be treated that way.

10% Coin of All Expansions

As we promise, FRAS COIN is the key to initial funding of all Frasindo expansions.

ALL FRAS COIN Holders, will get the 10% coin giveaway of all company expansions in the future, in the form of new assets or coins, in which all those assets will generates income too.

If investors want to see your coin shares in the 10% Coin Ownership, as easy seeing your Voting Power in the FrasindoShop section. (The calculation is the same)

Guaranteed pump from Buyback+Burn

FRAS COIN Holders are given guaranteed pump by buying back the coin from market and burn, even though in some occasions the pump may be “on hold”, to funding some projects/cost/adding new armada/buyback/ETC. Basically we would explain that the FRAS COIN generates routinely passive income.

Supporters that tend to hoards the coin may love FRAS COIN, because its not depending on pump and dump on coin markets, so they wont be in burning.

The income are fluctuative, depends on many factors. All reports are to be release on Frasindo Media

Free Car Usage 10 days / year *

FREE CAR USAGE are redeemable by CAR COIN, and the CAR COIN amount is depending on FRAS COIN amount that investor hold on their wallet. CAR COIN is given for free daily. The CAR COIN can be sell, and can be transfer to anyone, in the form of printable voucher code.



We calculate 10 days free car usage based on the ownership of one car, which is around Rp.200,000,000,-(+3%), his is equivalent to 100,000 Frascoins. Frasindo’s vehicles are rented by the drivers and/or the company. When renting to the drivers, our vehicles are working for ‘Uber’, ‘Grab’, and, ‘Gocar’ as an online taxi. We charge the driver a small rental fee. The calculations for the rental fees are listed on Google Drive, links are available on the Whitepaper. The driver of the vehicle is also required to deposit a sum of money up front as an insurance policy against payment theft.


the cars

How the coin income is generated?

Frasindo car is rented by the drivers /or/ by the company. There is PLUS and MINUS on both.

Renting out to the drivers, our car is working for UBER, GRAB and GOCAR as an Online Taxi. We charge small rent fee to the driver (the calculation is listed on Google Drive, to have the links, you must read White Paper). At Frasindo The driver are needed to deposit some money as front pay rental, this is due to the tendency there is a lot of crime in stealing rent money, or they illegally mortgage the car to loan-shark (Don’t worry, we can always recovers the car). For the cars can be made to work for Online Taxi, FRASINDO company must be regulated and given permissions by the government, to be transportation company, and the car must be applied to the Ministry of Transportation, and Ministry of TAXATION, also the Rental company must becoming the UBER GRAB and GOCAR partner {Whitepaper, Page 30};. The driver usually looking for the car that is fuel efficient.

Renting out to the company, the company renting our car usually pay cheaper compared to the driver, however there is more payment assurance and protection, better than to the drivers. Also the company usually requesting specific cars and it may not be cheap. The company may lend the car to its key-workers as a facilitation benefits for working at the company, the more higher the worker level, the more expensive the car facilitated. For this company to buy the car is costing a lot, not to mention maintenance, insurance, workshop, security, and progressive tax; It’s better for them to focus on their company works, and rent from the rental company. A Client company like this usually bound by contract with expiry time, and payment is smaller but routine per periodic.

For our vehicles to be allowed to work for Online Taxi, Frasindo must be regulated and given special permission by the government, which allows us to be a transportation company. The vehicles must also be applied to the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Taxation. When renting a vehicle to a company, the company itself usually pays a lower fee compared to a driver, however, there is a higher payment insurance and protection fee. When the company requests a specific car, there is also a higher fee. The companies usually request cars for their valued employees, the more valued the employee, the better the car. It would cost a considerable amount for the company in question to purchase, insure, tax, and, maintain these vehicles, therefore, it is much more cost effective to come to us and rent our vehicles instead. A client company is usually bound by a contract, which states an expiry time. The payments are routine per period.

What is the car Frasindo using?

We as a company do not opt for the cheapest vehicles on the market, as they can be unreliable and cost more money in the long run. This is why we tend to go for more premium or middle vehicles, as they are a better investment and come with an extended warranty. We make sure all of our vehicles are fuel efficient to help maximize our profits. Below is a list of vehicles which we plan to add into our ever-growing armada:

􀀀 Toyota Avanza
􀀀 Daihatsu Sigra
􀀀 Toyota Sienta
􀀀 Proton Saga
􀀀 Proton Exora
􀀀 Mitsubishi Xpander
􀀀 Honda Jazz
􀀀 Toyota Yaris

The coin holders, own the cars?

All vehicles are registered with the name Frasindo Lima Madiri and comply with government regulations and tax laws. Frascoin and other coin holders do not have direct ownership of the car. They can however represent the car. In the near future there will be a Frasindo service which will give the opportunity for foreign investors to purchase assets from within Frasindo. The service will also have a relocation program, which will be sponsored by the company as well our assets, all of which is stated in the roadmap. Ride sharing is an ever-expanding opportunity to generate income on your own terms, as everyday individuals. Governments have started to legalize and regulate ride sharing for the public all over the globe. In a select few countries, ‘Online Taxi’ suppliers have been made official partners by the governments, which has given the public a great opportunity to join the transportation industry. They will benefit from the potential growth and expansion of Frasindo. The ride sharing industry is in its infancy stages, and it has already caused dramatic changes for the purchase of new vehicles, and, traditional transportation around the world.

This document is not an offer of securities, commodities or a collective investment scheme. We are currently collecting utility coins. Contributors are advised to read the Whitepaper and all associated documents with a fine-tooth comb and perform all due diligence before investing.

Frascoin is a utility coin, and, functional goods product for sale by Frasindo Lima Mandiri for our internal use, allowing us to build among the cryptocurrency community. Any cryptocurrency, including Frascoin and Car Coin, carry speculation risk which may not be suitable for some investors. By participating in Frasindo’s Crowdsale, you understand the risk associated by contributing your personal coins/fiat to support Frasindo Lima Mandiri’s vision for cryptocurrency inclusion within South-East Asia. The token is not an investing tool, nor regulated and branded safe by the Indonesian government. All Frasindo products may be used for medium of value. It is not intended to replace any national currency. Frasindo Lima Mandiri intend to operate our business in accordance with laws of relevant jurisdictions, and will provide financial information, and obtain any licenses which are required by the law. The usage of our product for any criminal activity such as money laundering is not the responsibility of Frasindo Lima Mandiri. The more Frascoins you own, the more benefits you receive. Frascoin represents real assets, which are used to supply the ‘Online Taxi’ company. Government regulations state that ‘Online Taxi’ are not allowed to recruit drivers, nor own their own vehicles. ‘Online Taxi’ is classed as an app provider, which is forbidden to partake in any activity outside of its classification. This is where Frasindo comes into play. As an official partner of ‘Uber’, ‘Grab’ and ‘Gocar’, we have been given back-end access, whilst being allowed to follow the standard rules, enabling us to recruit our own drivers, assign any vehicle, upload documentation, and, have our own armada on each of Indonesia’s Islands.

When the ‘Online Taxi’ was included in the 2020 Indonesian Transportation Masterplan, we saw a big opportunity and a chance to monopolize the industry. In the future, all drivers will be allowed to register under a company such as Frasindo. We can provide as many vehicles as we see fit, and, at the same time, build a transportation network. This will make it easy for us to expand the company through advertisement agencies, the travel and tourism industry and inclusion within the Cryptocurrency

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