The engine of the car is certainly the source of his life, so he keeps working optimally and can even durable, of course, special attention must be taken. The engine used in cars, until now that we know are gasoline engines and diesel engines. Although both machines are the same, in the care of course requires different attention.

Especially for vehicles that will be made for long trips, such care is very important to do, so long as the vehicle trip remains prime and comfortable.

Consider the following 10 tips:

1. Oil. Oil is a liquid that is vital to the engine, even the bad machine can depend on the use of oil. Oil that is not suitable for the engine can make the vehicle becomes less fit, even can cause damage to the component prematurely. But if the oil is used well and fit the machine, the results are certainly encouraging. The best way to choose olie is to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of each car. If Using olie beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation, SAE and API Service must be the same. The lifetime or age of the vehicle also determines for the type of oil.

2. Oil Filter / Oil Filter. The oil filter is an important component to ensure that circulating olie is clean from both dirt and metal particles. If you want to travel far, make sure the oil filter is in good condition. Should be changed only if will travel far, though still not out of life.

3. Air filter / Air filter. Filters are important components to ensure the air needed by clean fuel removal. The old filter used will contain particles of dust, so it can hamper airflow. Although the usage period has not been exhausted, it should be changed only if it will travel far. A good air filter will ensure strong engine performance or power. If the physical is still good, can be cleaned. But if it looks bad it should be replaced.

4. Fuel filter. Fuel also requires a filter, the same as olie and air. The name of the filter is of course to filter out dirt, if it is long will definitely cause the inhibition of fuel flow. For gasoline engines that still use carburetor, we can replace the gasoline filter itself. Another case if the injection machine, we must to the workshop or handled a mechanic who is expert. For diesel engines, the filter must also be replaced, if it has been used long enough.

5. Valve / Engine valve. If you want to travel far, make sure the engine valve has been checked or adjusted. To do this, it can only be done by a technician / workshop.

6. Ignition System. Ignition system also should not be ignored, because one of the few cars will die totally. If you do not understand the machine, would be confused if like this. For that, before the long journey, ignition system should not escape the attention. If you do not understand at all ignition path, of course workshop is the right place to check your car. But for a relatively new car, not half a year, the problem of ignition is rare.

7. Cooling system. Radiators are also very important, these are the components that are responsible for the engine temperature. check the condition of rubber tubes and clamps should be checked, especially for the car is old enough. Usually there are rubber parts that are cracked or cracked. The radiator fan should also be known if it is working properly. Notice the direction of the swivel and fan work for machines that use electric fans. For this type, the new fan lives when the engine is hot. Conversely, if the engine is cold, the fan automatically stops. Problems with this cooling machine can get serious on the road, in case of failure.

8. Belt / TaliKipas. For machines that still use fan mekani, the tension of the fan rope should always be checked. Likewise with the physical condition of the fan rope, it must really be still good. To know the condition of the entire cooling system, pay attention to the engine temperature, especially when it is on a traffic jam. If the temperature is higher than normal, take your vehicle to a trusted workshop so that handling can be done properly and quickly.

9. Thermostat and radiator cap. This is a component part of the cooling system. If there is a problem with the thermostat, the battery can be as shown in point 7. The thermostat and the radiator cap must be carefully observed. Both can cause serious problems to the machine, if the condition is not normal. Cooling fluid must also be considered, do not use water reckless, because the chemical composition in each area is different. We recommend using “coolant” which is already formulated for engine cooling system.

10. Battery. Battery becomes a very important component, when the new car turned on the engine. As energy storage, the battery must also receive serious attention. Especially for today’s injection car engines. The battery must stay primed to ensure the supply of resources for the computer or ECU injection system. For wet batteries, the electrolyte fluid should be sufficient, and no cells are damaged. Battery type wet, faster terminals are corrosive compared to dry batteries. Always Clean both battery terminals, in order to always be able to supply electricity optimally. Especially when the start of the engine (starter), then the electrical load will be very much. Use of large battery energy including, air conditioning, glass eraser, and headlamp. Once the weight of the battery work, then the treatment must also be maximized.