Palembang – Two perpetrators of online taxi driver killers in Palembang, South Sumatra, Riduan and Acuandra, were sentenced to death. Riduan and Acuandra were declared guilty of premeditated murder.

The verdict was read out by the judges of the Palembang District Court, South Sumatra, on Wednesday (4/24/2019) afternoon. The judges who tried their cases were Bagus Irawan, Kartinjono, and Abu Hanifa.

“Stating that the defendants were proven legally and convincingly to carry out premeditated murder. Sentencing the death penalty defendant,” said the chief judge Bagus Irawan when reading the verdict.

The panel of judges considered that there were no actions that could relieve the punishment for Riduan and Acuandra. Even the judges also considered their actions very sadistic and could no longer be tolerated.

“Nothing alleviates, very cruel,” said Bagus.

Riduan and Acuandra were still thinking about submitting an appeal for the death sentence sentenced by the panel of judges. Both have 7 days after the verdict is decided to decide whether to appeal or not.

The public prosecutor (JPU) appreciated the decision of the panel of judges. The Purnama Prosecutor cited the decision of the panel of judges in accordance with the prosecutor’s demands.

“It’s very good, it’s according to our demands too. Why do we sue for death, because this gives a deterrent effect and is very cruel,” said Purnama.

The death charges were handed down to the two defendants for being involved in premeditated murder of an online taxi driver, Sofyan (43). Both were proven to violate Article 340 juncto 55 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

Previously, this murder case originated from information about Sofyan’s disappearance after receiving an order on October 29, 2018. On the way, the victim had been suspicious. He even asked to be monitored by other online driver friends.

After arriving at the delivery location, the victim’s cellphone is no longer active. Even the victim’s wife, Fitri, reported that her husband had not returned home at night.

From the report, the police sought out the whereabouts of the victims. Several witnesses and friends of the victims were questioned. Including online taxi account owners who order.

The police began to find a bright spot. The police then arrested Riduan, one of the residents of Musi Rawas Utara.

He was arrested by the Jatanras Subdit team, led by the Head of Sub Directorate of AKBP Yoga Baskara Jaya. Unfortunately, at that time the perpetrators did not know where the three friends were.

After the search, it was found the location of the dead body of the victim. But at that time the victim had become a bone in the palm groves in Muratara, South Sumatra.

The other two actors arrested were Acuandra and FR (16). FR was convicted first because he was underage and sentenced to 10 years. In addition, there is one other actor who is still in the hunt, namely Akbar.