, Jakarta It’s really annoying when back to get an online taxi driver with bad memories when the first ride. Have not lost that annoyance, accidentally reunited with the same online taxi driver for the second time.

It was experienced by Mia (25) who chose to pretend to forget and not look at the driver directly or from the rearview mirror. Both were silent until suddenly the driver chirped, “I remember Ma’am, Mbak remember me, or not?”

“Hmm … No, sir!” Mia answered as natural as possible.

“Mbak used to be really fierce, I was angry at that time,” he joked again.

“Duh, sorry sir, I just dianter the same father, maybe you wrong people,” I snapped with a look nanar window.

He was silent for a moment, and Mia became uncomfortable. But he will not serve all the questions of this ‘kid’ good looking like his first experience.

“I have changed a lot, Ma’am, I listen to the words Mbak,” continued the young man is breaking the silence.

Still recorded clearly the look of this online taxi driver saw Mia from head to toe at that time. He also bombarded with personal questions. Until finally invited to stop at a restaurant before reaching the destination.

Like the question already have a boyfriend, live alone or still with my parents, to the extent that Mia nicknamed a chick by the driver jutek for always advising the taxi driver online is fierce.

“I remember the message Mbak, if all the passengers were baseball can be considered a friend.Now I’m more silent like this Mbak,” he continued.

As can not avoid, Mia was finally open voice. He also tried acting as if just getting a memory of the figure of the driver who escorted to his home twice.

“Oh, yes I just remember Mr. Hehehe …” laughed a little force into the end of Mia’s answer.

“Thank you, yes Mbak.If now I want to invite Mbak eat as a thank you, want?” He said plain but loud.

Apparently he was not afraid of Mia’s spray with a second time invited to eat together. Got this young man’s guts, Mia thought to herself.

But he still wanted to give lessons with only silence and ignored the question let alone grant the young driver’s request. Until finally he was silent again until he arrived at the gate of Mia’s residence.

Have not had time to thank Mia, the taxi driver online has gone down and swiftly opened the passenger car door while saying thank you.

“Thank you Mbak, I’m sorry if I go back to eating, but sincerely as my gratitude, if there is a third time, I will be silent,” he concluded.