Month: April 2017

introduces Joyce, a Beautiful Taxi Driver to Be Passed by Male Passengers

Having a beautiful face does have its own magnetism and magnetism for men. Not infrequently the profession that dilakoni beautiful women do not fit with what is imagined many people. A woman from Manila, the Philippines, recently became a public conversation, especially the users of social networking. His job as a person sopir taksi online, making it popular on social media. Reported Viral4real, Sunday (21/4/2017), Joyne Tadeo did not expect if the pictures themselves circulate to viral on the internet. Even the story of himself as a taxi driver online also published Philippine magazine, FHM. The woman who graduated...

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Kemenhub Not Accepted Proposed Taxi Online

Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) has not received tariff proposals from regions related to online taxi operations. Operation taxi online itself is regulated in Regulation of the Minister of Transportation (Permenhub) 26 Year 2017 set on April 1, 2017 as revised Permenhub 32 Year 2016 on the Implementation of Transport of People with Public Motor Vehicles Not in the Route. Director General of Land Transportation Kemenhub Pudji Hartanto said, there is a transitional period for 3 months related to the determination of the upper and lower limit rates. So also related to the imposition of taxes, quotas, use of vehicle...

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Hipmi: The Tax Tariff Bottom Line Limit is Potentially Kartel

The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) has set a lower limit tariff taksi online. Although the decision was submitted to each Local Government (Pemda) but the rule was effective as of April 1, 2017. About that Association of Young Indonesian Entrepreneurs (HIPMI) asked the government to cancel the revision of the rule because the regulation could be a cartel’s inspiration to other industries. “Hipmi hoped that President Jokowi should cancel the lower limit of the taxi online,” said Chairman of the Organization and Membership of the Central Board of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs Indonesia (BPP Hipmi) Anggawira, Monday (17/4/2017)....

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Economist: Online Taxi Business Submits to Market Mechanism

Economists rate, competition taksi onlineand conventional should be left to market mechanism. Therefore business actors will continue to think about ways to stay afloat in the midst of competition. Previously the Government has issued rules regarding taksi online. The regulation is stated in the Minister of Transportation Regulation no. 26 of 2017 concerning the amendment of PM No. 32 of 2016 concerning the transportation of persons with public motor vehicles not in the trajectory which was enacted on April 1, 2017. However, there is a tolerance of three months since its enactment. Economist Indef, Enny Sri Hartati said, the...

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Fortune Loss Becoming an Online Taxi Driver

Many are attracted to become an online taxi partner because of the lure of his big income. Make it, they fight on the streets of Jakarta. At least, said Budi, every day he had to work almost 12 hours to find passengers. Get out of the house at 10 am and return home early in the morning. This is a new activity for him after leaving his job as an employee of a private company in Bekasi. Budi said he was attracted by a huge income from the story of being an online taxi driver. “I only joined this...

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