Month: June 2018

Suryanto Jamin

newly joined as a driver. previously an individual driver using a personal car. but the car was forced to be sold for hospital fees. I had a heart...

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Bitcoin and Its Possible Impact on Insurance

Many technological strides have been made over the last couple of decades. Advancement in technology is becoming faster and faster as each year passes by and many technologies to improve work efficiency, communication, and even financial services are being discovered and used every day. Technology has made the world smaller in a good way; we are now able to talk to family and friends from across the globe without having to spend too much money or wait too long for a reply. International financial transactions have also become more straightforward and hassle-free. One of the significant technological strides in the financial...

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Self-Driving Cars: Liability and Insurance

People have always been excited about new technology. When Apple came out with the first iPhone back in 2007, the world was watching; excited about what the new technology has in store and how it can make life more convenient. True enough, because of the iPhone’s launch, a thousand more other features and advances in technology has taken place. Information has become readily available to anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection; you might even be reading this article on a smartphone or tablet. The same expectations from people apply to autonomous or self-driving cars. People expect that...

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Tutorial, adding FRAS TRUSTLINE on Stellar Network

Stellar network requires user to “Set Trustline” to start accepting @FRASCOIN, since the process is not simple, here are the Easy Tutorial, Please follow tutorial to start trading+receiving. on Stellar FRAS are available at 3 exchange, see complete list at   Accept FRAS now and start trade, + FRAS receive...

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SWPLUG Leading WordPress Payment Plugin for Stellar Blockchain

SWPLUG Leading WordPress Payment Plugin for Stellar Blockchain, the intelligent solution to online payments, now support and accept FRAS and PEDITY as payment options, this is a nice feature that can be embed-ed to wordpress online store and start accepting FRAS cryptocurrency as payment. From their website at the announcement from, Both FRAS and PEDITY are new assets released on Stellar Blockchain in which a projects with promising futures. The PEDITY ( is a substitude of Steem for stellar blockchain The FRASINDO FRAS ( is focussing on Crypto Taxi and StartUp Development(Incubator) Both focus on Real Life Use Cases of Blockchain Industry, in which could help crypto inclusion for the crypto newcomers, and help educate...

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