Jakarta – The Ministry of Transportation will sanction taxi drivers online who do not comply with Ministerial Regulation (PM) of Transportation No. 108 of 2017 starting February 2018. The sanction is granted because the tolerance of the adjustment period for three months has been completed.

“In February (2018), we will take action against unqualified online taxi drivers as we have assigned to PM 108,” said Director General of Land Transportation Kemenhub Budi Setiyadi at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, SCBD, South Jakarta, Thursday 7/2/2017).

Budi said the sanctions were in the form of reprimand during the first and second week of February 2018. However, the following week the sanction was given by police ticket.

“The sanctions we agreed on yesterday, I will not do any crackdown, I will give the driver all the warning for two weeks, but two weeks and up will be firm action, given the ticket, but that is what friends of the Police,” he said.

In addition to sanctions for the driver, Budi also continues to urge local governments to immediately make the rules on online taxi quota. Later, the number of online taxis that operate will be adjusted with a number of indicators such as population, community movement to the area of ​​operation.

Government through the Ministry of Transportation issued Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 108 of 2017 which is the result of revision of PM 26/2017 on the Implementation of Public Transport of People Not in the Route.

In this rule there are 9 points emphasized such as argometer, tariff, operating area, quota / planning requirement, minimum requirement of 5 vehicles, proof of ownership of motor vehicle, domicile of motor vehicle number, certificate of registration type test (SRUT), and role applicator.

Source Haris Fadhil – detikNews
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