Lately, our team has been deceived, by, we appeal to all people to be careful

the amount of the deceit is not much, only Rp.1.500.000, – about 150USD

but because of the rampant frauds scattered on the internet, and we are often affected by the disaster, we hate the fraud.

chronological like this =

We use to SEO our youtube channel and website, after discussion via WA and be assured with “seemingly accurate”

Fraudsters gave his account =

BNI 042.418.6415 a / n = Agun Gunawan

BRI 002.801.024.099.506 a / n = Agun Gunawan

BCA 303.044.7980 a / n = Agun Gunawan

BCA 134.183.2263 a / n = Agun Gunawan

we also transferred to the account of the fraudster on behalf of AGUN GUNAWAN, a total of Rp.1.500.000, – at 9:50 am; through our partner account MAYBANK BII

Here are Chat recordings, and transactional evidence, as well as contacts, and cheater website =


we are moved to tell a lot of things and with real .., too often get hokey and the amount if dikumpulin already infinite, of course tens of billions IN TOTAL. The police in Indonesia are famous for cases that are stuck and streets, if there is an era of VIGILANTE and HEROES, we are very mengahapkan the legal reform, not only can complicate the legal, but capture the real criminals, because they are destroying the lives of many people

we are ready to face the law, and hope it happens, we are not afraid of defamation, because what we preach is real. Until this case is complete, then the article will never be downgraded ..

and we plan on making the ONLINE POLICE site, in the near future, to fight criminal charges, protecting naive people like me, from evil people.