If the article highlighting Understanding Frasindo by Knowing Blockchain First is understandable enough for you to start it off, then the next mission we all should accomplish is knowing how the blackchain works. Understanding it may be taking a little more time, but by the time you get little by little, you will understand why Fras Coin is such as great business that you will be very interested in joining it. Without further ado, here is the information of how blockchain works

  1. Database is distributed

In blockchain, there are no single or so-called third party responsible for handling the data information. Instead, every member has their own right to see  and access the complete data base stored in the system. It means that the member does not need an intermediary to only verify their own record of transactions.

  1. One-on-one Transmission

In blockchain system, every communication is done directly among the involved peers. It is clear that there is no so-called central party or node involved in this process because each of the node is functioned to store and forward all the information to rest of the nodes.

  1. The Transparency

One of advantages of this system is the transparency which everything is visible and anyone has their own right to access the system. Each of the members of blockchain user owns a very unique address in the form of 30, or more, alphanumeric character use for the user identification. It works like a username or credit card number. Here, every user is not obliged to provide the valid data regarding their identity. Remaining anonymous is okay, yet the transactions are only among the blockchain members.

  1. Transaction cannot be reversed

When a transaction is finished it will automatically entered and stored in the database. Once the account is updated by a new data, this data cannot be changed due to the link that “chains” the data record from the previous transactions. That chain of data can always be accessed permanently, orderly, and chronologically anytime on the network by the users of this system. This feature is sustained by some algorithms

  1. Artificial Logic

For every transaction in blockchain system, there are no spaces for everyone to make it into one programmed system or made up. Instead, every user has a privilege to set up his or her algorithms to determine how it will trigger transactions among the users automatically.