Coma Junkyard

Hangout Fun Place In Border Junkyard Coma And Romantic - 
Tours culinary Coma Junkyard hangout fun, as well as romantic young people in bekasi, 
because this place offer a unique enough plan so fitting for young people,
and some students use the moment on the night of the week exclamations-coherent 
coincidence as well as close close friends.
Except offer attractive hangout Cafe Koma Junkyard provides plenty of tasty food 
and beverage menu variants and the prices offered each and every meal are so friendly
in the pockets, especially the young and college students. 

Place problem, visitors can choose two seating options. 
There is indoor as well as there is also outdoor. 
And there is also an interesting option for visitors who come to Cafe Koma Junkyard
who wants a romantic atmosphere, there is a choice of place-shaped 
saung-saung in the basement so fitting for visitors who bring a partner.

Koma Junkyard is unique, especially when approaching the night 
because the plan uses yellow lights on the banks of the river. 
Describing the rural situation is thick enough sounded splashing water flowing 
when there in the saung space near the river bank.
The food menu provided at Cafe Koma Junkyard is quite varied and 
quite a lot of choices such as, Ramen Konoha, Pizza Rakyat, 
Rice Bowl Chicken Katsu (Teriyaki), Ovomaltine Baked Rolls, Fanta Float, 
Fanta with Milk, Coca Cola Float, many more menu options that can be in this place.

For some coffee lovers do not be anxious at Koma Junkyard 
also provide processed coffee with a variety of flavors, 
except fit in making a hangout or just get together with colleagues cafe
is so recommended. Please read also 5 Coffe Coffe Option
of Bekasi Young People hangout
For parking problems Cafe Koma Junkyard provide ample parking space and
be borne securely. the price of food and beverage at this cafe around 
at Rp 10. 000 to Rp 50. 000 with a menu enough food vary.

About Koma Cafe Junkyard there are many people who do not understand 
because a cursory looks visible from the front of the warehouse 
may be due to lack of arrangement, but in fact when we go into the cafe room 
in fact there is a fun and fun hangout place for groups 
of young people in east bekasi and surrounding areas.
The decoration of the table and the bench is quite unique, and the bench is 
made from the remaining couch which is quite interesting modifications and 
certainly comfortable to occupy some visitors. There are also various 
some nice snacks to complete hanging out and gather at this Cafe Koma Junkyard.

Cafe Koma Junkyard Address: 
Jalan Baru Patal Bekasi RT. 006 / RW. 007, 
During Jaya, East Bekasi
Telephone: 0812-9595-1955
Oprasional Hours: 17.00 - 00.00 (Monday - Friday)
Oprasional Hours: 17.00 - 01.00 (Saturday - Sunday)
Means: Free Wi-fi, Indoor, Outdoor