BANDUNG, (PR) .- A male body was found at the bottom of a cliff in Kampung Renteng, Cikajang District, Garut, Saturday 2 February 2019. The body was identified as an online taxi driver from Bandung.

“There was a report coming in this morning at around 7:00. Which reported the Village Chief that there were residents who found a body,” said the Cikajang police chief, Iptu Amat Rahmat in an interview broadcast by Radio PRFM.

Witness named Ani, first found the body when she was going to look for grass. Because she was suspicious of the discovery, the witness then called other residents.

The characteristics of the corpse

Amat said, the bodies used blue jeans and used gray t-shirts that read the faction. However, the identity of the victim was not found at the Case.

“For the time being at the scene the identity was not found. However, from information on Facebook, the victims were online taxi drivers with the initials Y, the victims were estimated to be 23-25 ​​years old,” Amat said.

From the temporary information reported by the police, the victim was known to carry passengers from Pasirkoja, Bandung City. The condition of the body was injured in part of his body.

“There was a 10 cm forehead wound, 3 cm on the left side of the head. The wound was torn on the back 13 cm, the wound was torn right hand 17 cm. So, looking at the situation of the victim, (allegedly) had been tortured,” Amat said.

At present, the bodies of the victims are in the hospital Dr. Slamet Garut and handled by the Satreskim Garut Regional Police and the Cikajang Police Station.

“From the condition of the corpse, it is estimated that it has (died since) 1-2 days seen from information lost on Facebook,” Amat said. *