JawaPos.com – Criminal actions are increasingly rampant and sadistic as the times develop. Online taxi drivers are subject to robbery accompanied and also murder. During 2018 there were at least five online taxi drivers killed being robbed while working.

In the city of Palembang, since the beginning of 2018 to 2018, three online taxi drivers have become victims of robberies leading to murder. The other two occur in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan and Bogor, West Java.

The following is the record of JawaPos.com since the beginning of the year to December, which continues to be the spotlight of the readers:

5 Online Taxi Drivers Killed, Disguised Modes Become Passengers

5 Sopir Taksi Online Dibunuh, Modus Nyamar Jadi Penumpang
online taxi driver killed by robber (Alwi Alim / JawaPos.com)

1.Tri Widiantoro Found Only Bones

The incident began when the victim Tri Widiantoro, 44, received an order from four perpetrators on Thursday (2/15) from Jalan Way Hitam Palembang towards Kenten Ulung Talang Kelapa, Palembang. However, until the night the victim did not also go home.

The family reported this incident to the South Sumatra Regional Police (Polda). However, the victims were still not found. Like being broken up, the family finally stopped Tri Widiantoro’s search.

After 45 days of events. The police finally succeeded in arresting the perpetrators namely Poniman, 21, and Bayu Irmansyah, 20. The perpetrators who wanted to escape from the police chase finally had to be shot.

In fact, Poniman had to die because he tried to grab the weapons of the police officer. Meanwhile, Bayu was shot all over his legs. The police finally managed to find the body of the victim Tri in the condition of already bones in the aseit plantation area in the Tanjung Lago area, Kenten Laut District, Banyuasin Regency.

Not only that, the police also got evidence of the victim’s car. The Regional Police Chief immediately issued instructions to shoot the fugitives. Until finally one of the perpetrators surrendered.

The perpetrator was Tyas Dryantama, 19. It did not take long, the South Sumatra Regional Police succeeded in bringing back Hengki Kurniawan in the Java area. The police were also forced to shoot off the perpetrators because they resisted officers when they were arrested.

Now, two surviving suspects namely, Bayu Irmansyah and Tyas Dryantama must be imprisoned after being sentenced to life by the panel of judges Hotnar Simamarta in the District Court (PN) of Class I A Palembang.

2.Saputra Aji Wasted on the River

Residents around the Bruge Bridge in Mangun Jaya Village, Babat Toman Subdistrict, Musi Banyuasin (Muba) were startled by the discovery of a naked body who was caught in a pipe carrying a bridge. Thursday (14/6). The body is known as M Aji Saputra, 24.

Aji, who was registered as a citizen of Block E1 Regional Government Housing number 6 Palembang, was also an online taxi driver who was a victim of robbery and murder.

This incident began when the victim received a passenger order at 9:35 p.m. from JM Sukarame Palembang with the aim of Jalan Sukabangun II Palembang. However, until the night the victim did not go home.

In fact, telephone the victim is no longer active. Until, the family got a call if Aji had been found dead without clothes after being a victim of a robbery accompanied by murder.

The South Sumatra Regional Police immediately conducted an investigation and succeeded in tracking down if there were three perpetrators involved in the case. The three actors are Yogi Andriansyah, 20, Bambang Kurniawan, 25, and Willy, 20.

Then the police immediately carried out an undercover technique to buy the victim’s car from the three perpetrators in Pauh Rawas Ilir Village, Muratara Regency, South Sumatra. When the third transaction will be carried out the perpetrators know and immediately run away. As a result there was a chase between the police and three perpetrators.

Willy jumped from the car while the other two suspects finally crashed. The police immediately gave a shot until Bambang was killed at the scene. While Yogi was shot at his leg.

Based on information from the suspect if the victim had been stripped naked and stabbed using a screwdriver before being killed and thrown into the river. However, the body was caught in a pipe so that the action failed and dealt with the law.

3.Sofyan Killed and Thrown into Bushes

The robbery along with the murder again emerged in November. The victims were Sofyan, 43. Citizens of Sukawinatan Asoka Hall Number 6001 RT 54 RW 07 Kelurhan Sukajaya Palembang Sukarami Sub-District was declared missing Monday (29/10) after delivering passengers from KM 5 to the intersection of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Airport (SMB) II Palembang .

This case again became the attention of the South Sumatra Regional Police Chief to arrest the perpetrators. Jatanras South Sumatra Regional Police immediately conducted an investigation and found out the perpetrators were four people namely, Ridwan, 45, FR, 16, Acun, 21, and Akbar, 31

Despite having difficulty tracking these four suspects. However, the South Sumatra Regional Police succeeded in arresting him. The first arrest was Ridwan, 45. Ridwan was then asked to show the position of the victim.

Until finally the victims were found in the roadside bushes in Lakitan District, Musi Rawas District, South Sumatra, Wednesday (11/14).

The Kapolda immediately gave shoot-out instructions to three other perpetrators. Until the two perpetrators surrendered namely FR, 16, and Acundra, 21. Now the South Sumatra Regional Police are hunting down the perpetrators who are still fugitives, Akbar, 31.

Whereas FR, 16, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a judge chaired by Subur Susatyo for referring to the Child Protection Act.

4.Hendarri Killed after a disagreement with his passengers

Handarri was found dead with his head covered in blood, on Tuesday (12/6), at 9:15 a.m. There were wounds on the head, ears and back of the 27-year-old man.

Allegedly, he was a victim of murder. The suspect of the killer was arrested by PJR Ditlantas Polda Kaltim at 16:40 WITA. Actor named Darmadi Anca. He was secured on Jalan Soekarno-Hatta Km 51. Precisely at Sumedang Tahu Restaurant.

Kasubdit Jatanras Kompol Yohanes confirmed that the perpetrators had been arrested. Earlier, at 3:00 p.m., a clue was found about Darmadi from a colleague.

His colleague claimed to have delivered Darmadi to his boarding house on Jalan Prapatan, Balikpapan City with the condition of his hand being injured. From this information, the officer pursued the suspect to his boarding house. However, Darmadi was gone.

“Then, we got a clue that the perpetrators rented a car to go to Sangatta, East Kutai,” said Yohanes quoted from Kaltim Post (Jawa Pos Group), Wednesday (6/13).

From there, coordination is carried out. The joint team of investigators from the Balikpapan Selatan Police and Balikpapan Police Resort and Subdistrict III of Jatanras East Kalimantan Police asked the Ditlantas ranks to conduct raids. Darmadi was successfully netted.

“As a result of interrogation, the perpetrators said he had a dispute with the victims. “It hurts because the order is not appropriate,” said Yohanes.

Handarri has only taken a side job for one month as an online taxi driver. His main job is as a Pegadaian employee.

Handarri’s father, Rosidi, learned of the death of his eldest son from the local RT chairman at around 10:00 a.m. From there, he was asked to the South Balikpapan Police Station.

“Until the police station, I was told that his son had been killed. My feelings have not been sad at that time. However, when I saw his body in the hospital, my heart was broken, “he said.

Rosidi admitted that he had seen the condition of the injuries suffered by his son. Many wounds resemble incisions or punctures behind the head to the ears. From there, he assumed that his son was the victim of a murder with a robbery motive.

“I suspect my son would be robbed. He tried to defend his car. So he zigzagged and hit a tree. So, the car can’t be taken. The cellphone was taken to remove the trace, “Rosidi assured.

5.Justinus Sinaga Wasted on Mount Halimun

An online taxi driver Justinus Sinaga, 40, was killed and his body was found in the bushes around the Gunung Halimun Salak National Park area. The event occurred on March 5, 2018.

Information gathered, the bodies of the victims were found by residents on the roadside to the Bogor Bunder Mountain tourist attraction or on the Gunungpicung Village road, Pamijahan District.

Cibungbulang police chief Kompol Agus Suyandi said the victim was known as Jalan Beli Pladen RT 07/14, Beji District, Depok City. Everyday, Justinus works as a driver for Grab Car online transportation.

Agus explained, the victim who drove a type G black Toyota Avanza with police number B 1992 EKM, initially received passenger orders from the front of Holland Bakery, Sukaraja Subdistrict, Bogor Regency, at around 22:00 WIB.