– Six online taxi drivers were victims of beatings at Yogyakarta Adisutjipto International Airport on Thursday (31/5). The beating was allegedly carried out by airport security officers and conventional taxi drivers.

The legal counsel of an online taxi driver who was a victim of beatings, Purnomo Susanto said that at least six online taxi drivers were subjected to beatings at Adisutjipto Airport. The beginning of the beating occurred because there was an online taxi driver who allegedly took a passenger at Adisutjipto Airport. Then there was a beating.

“There were 6 online taxi drivers who were victims. 6 of them were from 112 (online taxi community. It happened at around 8:00 p.m.,” Purnomo said on Friday (1/6).

Purnomo explained that his party had met with Angkasa Pura I and POM AU officials related to the incident that occurred last night. However, this beating was reported to the Yogyakarta Regional Police and to the Air Force Military (POM) Police.

“One of the victims who were beaten on behalf of Aditya has already reported to the Yogyakarta Regional Police. This report is related to the beatings and beatings they experienced. So this is beating the article 170 verses 1 of the Criminal Code about joint beatings,” Purnomo said.

Purnomo explained that another victim also reported the beating he had suffered. This beating was allegedly carried out by individual members of the Indonesian Air Force. So that this beating was reported to the AU POM in the hope that it could be processed by military law.

“Dansatpom Lanud Adisutjipto has already guaranteed that the legal process will continue and we will be open in this legal process. From the POM AU side it is very good to welcome us, it is very good to give us the opportunity to carry out legal proceedings,” Purnomo explained.

Purnomo added that from the meeting all parties regretted the incident. Beating online taxi drivers at Adisutjipto Airport, said Purnomo, is not the first time this has happened.

“This incident (the beating of taxi drivers online at Adisutjipto Airport) did not happen once. Even more than once. We hope that this event will not happen in the future,” Purnomo concluded.