, Jakarta – Dozens of driver or taxi-based applications, or better known online taxis from various companies, rallied in front of the House of Representatives, Senayan, Central Jakarta. This peaceful action rejected Permenhub Number 32 Year 2016 concerning the implementation of public transportation of public vehicles not in the trajectory.

Field Coordinator Andryawal Simanjuntak presented eight demands to the government. First, it, as a partner of online transport application companies, want to be involved in policy discussions on the drivers of online transport.

“The government does not take sides to the small people who need the halal jobs, as well as the people of Jakarta who need cheap, convenient and safe mode of transportation, that the government only cares about the interests of the capital owners and not the people,” said Andryawal in front of the DPR / MPR, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Central Jakarta, Monday (8/22/2016).

Secondly, it refused to apply the KIR test to their car, because they considered the vehicle is not a public transport. Andryawal said the implementation of KIR test can eliminate car insurance. “Because the insurance against our vehicle will be canceled by law because it is used like a public transport,” said Andryawal.

Third, because it feels neither the driver of public transport nor the yellow plated, it is not willing to make the SIM A. Fourth, it is not willing if the ownership of vehicle letters converted into company property.

“Fifthly, we strongly reject the policy that requires us to have five vehicles, just to operate,” said Andryawal.

Sixth, it refuses if their vehicles are required to be placed in a vehicle or pool storage. Seventh, it also refused the policy must include evidence of cooperation with the workshop or car maintenance workshop data, as a condition of being a driver of online transport.

“Eighth, we ask and plead with the sincerity of Mr. Joko Widodo to be able to fulfill our request, because we are just a small people who want to earn a living in halal, and according to promise of President at the time of campaign will side with small people,” said Andryawal.