SEMARANG – There are no legs. To move, this man born in Sukabumi on May 16, 1993 had to lay his body on the skate board and swing with both hands to be able to move.

Just like when he was about to go on stage to receive the CPNS decree from the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, Friday (03/29/2019) in the Governor’s Office yard.

Mohamad Hikmat, who previously sat in a shared chair 1,841 SK recipients, lowered his body to the skate board. He wore a hand shirt. While swinging his hand, the fourth child of the couple Rahmat Ali (64) and Umaisi (61) smoothly climbed onto the stage.

Congratulations from Ganjar Pranowo he received with full of joy while holding back tears so as not to wet his cheeks.

Mohamad Hikmat, a resident of Cicau Village, RT 3 RW 5, Selaawi Village, Sukaraja Subdistrict, Sukabumi Regency, the disabled person passed the CPNS and will become a teacher at SLB Negeri Batang, Central Java.

For him, the journey to becoming a CPNS is not easy. although at the beginning of the registration, he claimed to be pessimistic.

“I don’t expect much. To walk, I have to be helped by skate boards. I just want to know how to become a CPNS. To gain experience. After taking the test at Pandanaran Wujil Ungaran Stadium, I missed the train at Tawang Station. Finally, I sleep at the station and join the next train, “he said.

As a result, when he received the announcement and was declared eligible, Hikmat, as he was known, admitted that the government was indeed very concerned about himself and 12 people with disabilities who were accepted as CPNS.

Filing that was required on Monday (3/25/2019) he had to go back to Semarang. Hikmat had to leave her work everyday as an online taxi driver with a modified car.

“My father, the traveling tension from village to village. My mother just stayed at home. I live in Jakarta with my brother,” said the alumni of the 2017 Special Education Department of the Islamic Nusantara University Bandung.

For him, the experience of being a teaching staff at the Ajiterep SLB Cimahi, Adzkia SLB, Budi Nurani SLB, SLB Bakti Pertiwi and freelancers in the BPJS office made his experience increase.

He admitted, in 2012, to find a job he felt very difficult. He also made a college decision to get qualified competence. Increasingly here, the government issued a regulation if every agency must open an opportunity for one percent of the amount needed for disability.

Accessibility of people with disabilities was built. As a result, the opportunity was increasingly wide open. Hikmat admitted, the competencies of his friends according to their respective fields must also be mastered. Because government and private agencies are already open.

“Of course I hope to be able to work, maintain integrity, good name, not corruption, be honest, to get blessings. In addition, it can motivate others, to be moved more advanced,” he said.

Governor Ganjar Pranowo explained, he had repeatedly asked all office buildings and public services to be friendly to the disabled, including pedestrians.

Disabled people are also involved in the development process. For example in the Central Java Musrenbangwil in recent regions. “We also provide training assistance and facilities and infrastructure,” he said.

When giving the decree to Hikmat, Ganjar also advised to have enthusiasm and never retreat, maintain integrity and remain corrupt and continue to do so.

Ganjar added after receiving the decree, they would be trained to improve quality and integrity both at home and abroad. Ganjar said the CPNS are the seeds of superior Civil Servants.

“This is an increase in the quality of civil servants. This is a good seed. Our task is that our human resources will increase capacity with training,” he said.

For the training, Ganjar explained that it was not only held domestically. This was done to open the minds of state servants to be able to compete in the global arena. Of course the training is specifically for civil servants who are already concerned about integrity

“Not only in the country, including abroad. Yesterday I was told that one of the staff from the Economic Bureau who had just graduated from New Zealand they could be the best there. It means we gave them a wide opportunity,” he said.

This CPNS is a stage before someone is finally appointed as a servant of the state. They need one year to prove their capacity in various training and examinations through the orientation period, pre-service period and others. If viewed from the side of income, they will only receive a salary of 80 percent of the salary of civil servants. Because of the capability, Ganjar stressed that the CPNS process and results had no interference or intervention from any party.

“They are new energy in the bureaucracy. There are more teachers. There are functional staff and some technical staff. And there are those with special needs. We show their acceptance fairly. I had a chance to ask if there was collusion, pay, the process was not right. “Everything is clear. One of the sons of the Secretary of Regional Secretary did not qualify. This proves that we are fair,” he said.

Thousands of SK recipients have gone through various stages of selection from administration to ability tests. At least there are six stages that must be passed by CPNS test participants from registration to announcement of breakout. What is often considered the heaviest is the Computer Assisted Test (CAT) process. In the CAT process there are slots of questions about humanity to nationality.

“There is great hope for them as servants of their State guarding the Republic of Indonesia, Pancasila, friendship, whose teachers and students have good character and personality. What we generally ask is to maintain integrity. Fast, easy cheap services,” he said.