Hitekno.com – A protest made by the customer when they met with an online taxi driver who has a physical disability recently became viral on Instagram.

This part of the incident was shared with the @ dramaojol.id account on Thursday (07/11/2019) and then went viral on Instagram.

“The important thing is to arrive safely …” wrote the caption in upload @ dramaojol.id.

Also seen with this upload, a protest made by online taxi customers through the application after running a trip with an online taxi driver.

In the rating column and the review shows that the unknown customer made a protest to the online taxi driver who drove him.

Feeling insecure when escorted by an online taxi driver who has a physical disability in the eye, this customer expressed his protest and hoped that the online taxi application company would filter every driver who registered to get this job.

“I had a go car this morning and when I talked with the driver, I saw that the car driver’s eyes were not normal. Please gojek to be reviewed for each driver who applies if there are physical abnormalities such as abnormal eyes because this concerns passenger safety frankly I was worried in the car and was afraid the driver would crash … ” wrote the customer protest in the Rating and Review column in the online taxi application.

Customer protes driver taksi online. (instagram/dramaojol.id)
Customer protest to an online taxi driver. (instagram / dramaojol.id)

What was uploaded @ dramaojol.id regarding the customer who protested because the online taxi driver had a physical disability was flooded with comments from netizens who were annoyed to read the protest.

“When he was a child he was never taught by his parents to respect others, maybe …” wrote an annoyed netizen.

“That customer’s heart has been sold to brother pecel catfish for serving the menu …” commented other netizens.

” Even with the normal ones, I’m not sure to be safe to get to the destination, live and die in the hands of Allah … ” said the netizen.

” Maybe the customer feels the most perfect … Even though every human being must have flaws … ” wrote netizens with other accounts.

Since it was first created, upload @ dramaojol.id regarding customers who protested because this online taxi driver has a physical disability and has received 7,178 likes and 280 comments from netizens.