TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Story of the disappearance a Grab online taxi driver after dropping off a critical passenger, viral on social media facebook

According to the story circulating, Grab’s online taxi driver has disappeared when the passenger wants to pay.

This viral story was uploaded by FanPage Facebook, Kata Kita, Tuesday (09/10/2019)

In that post, the Grab online taxi driver was named Kethut Sumanto.

At first, there is a panic mother heard news that her child was experiencing shortness of breath to vomit because of asthma recurrence.

The mother is confused looking for help for her child.

The incident took place on Monday (9/9/2019) in the Emergency Room Installation of the University of Gadjah Mada Hospital.

The mother immediately ordered a taxi online through the Grab application.

Shortly thereafter a driver came to pick up.

The driver is a middle-aged man named Kethut Sumanto.

The online taxi car finally drove to school to pick up the passenger, then they went straight to the hospital.

Suddenly the mother realized that there isn’t much money left.

Her concentration broke between taking money to the ATM and her son to quickly get help.

Pak Kethut was asked by the mother to stop at the ATM.

But Mr. Kethut said nothing, and remain fully concentrated to take the child to the nearest hospital which has now turned pale.

The online taxi driver is speeding faster.

The child’s lips look blue, his condition continues to weaken.

When he arrived at the hospital, the mother rushed to take the queue and then ran to the ATM.

She left the child with his aunt to get money at the nearest ATM.

However, after the mother returned and intends to pay for online taxi services, the driver has disappeared.

Until now, passengers and their families are still looking for an online taxi driver named Kethu, said.

They want to say thanks and give some money from his services.

The mother returned to the hospital and brought her child to immediately get treatment in the emergency room.

The condition of the hospital at the time was receiving dozens of patients who had queued backward.

The rescue action by the driver named Kethut was truly glorious.

The story uploaded on the Facebook Fan Page Kata Kita have now received more than 2,400 comments and shared more than 2,500 times.

The benevolent online driver action has now reaped many praising comments from citizens.

Many praised and saluted with the goodness of the driver.

Also many pray for the health of Kethut Sumanto.

Saidah Salsabiela: “May Pak Kethut be given abundant fortune.”

Rahmad Aja: “Greetings to Pak Kethut … hopefully always in His protection.”

Christine Kalvin Mendröfa: “I also have an asthmatic child, when it’s recurring it’s really scary. To breathe he needs to struggle. Thank you to Pak Kethut for prioritizing the child’s safety. God bless all your endeavors. “

Help the passenger give birth

The online taxi driver, Imam Suachadij (50), recounted the seconds of his action helping a passenger give birth in the car he was driving.

Reporting from, the incident occurred on Saturday (02/09/2019) early morning.

At that time, Imam delivered a passenger named Febrian Kristiningrum (28) from the road in the Tusam Banyumanik area, Semarang, to the nearest hospital.

Imam told a lot to the media and Gojek crew, at Warung Penang, Semarang, Wednesday (2/20/2019).

He claimed, helped with humanitarian reasons, and did not receive rewards for his actions.

“I remember that the order was worth Rp 10,000. Of the Rp 10,000, Rp 7,000 vouchers and Rp 3,000 in cash. So, it’s only to pay Rp 3,000, I remember that well,” Imam said.

Imam Suachadij, an online driver who helps passengers give birth in his car ( NURDIN)

It was not the payment of Rp. 10,000 which made Imam give free order fees. He is starting work from 00.00 WIB until 07.00 WIB understanding the risk of prospective passengers who order at these hours.

He said, the passengers in that time frame were mostly people who wanted to go to the station or airport. And in the morning they are passengers who want to go to work or go to school.

If it is not in that category, potential passengers must be sick and need to be taken to the hospital.

And it was true, early Saturday at around 04.00 WIB, he received an order from Sandi Eko Prasetyo (33), Febrian’s husband, to deliver to the hospital.

“I checked and it was correct, he said his position on the side of the road in the Tusam area. Then in the chat again, that his wife wanted to give birth, “said Imam.

Along the way, Imam is constantly watching people standing on the side of the road.

However, only Sandi standing alone. While his wife is lying on the side of a motorcycle.

“I stopped there. I saw that his wife was beside the motorcycle lying on the side of the road. Then I helped get in the car,” he added.

After he entered, he immediately spurred the vehicle fast, but still careful. Passengers who moaned in pain made Imam confused.

Concern continues, because at the end of the road, or at SMPN 21 Semarang there are mounds of the former project that disrupt travel.

If forced to speed, surely passengers in the car will be shaken.

“Before SMP 21 there were bumps rather high, well my position was fast,
well, I was thinking about how not to fly and if that happens surely the baby is born. “I know, if that happens there will definitely be a birth in the car,” he added.

Then he prevents the passengers from giving birth on the road. He also spurred until finally reaching the hospital.

Assisted by doctors and nurses, Febrian was finally born a baby girl.

Not in the hospital room, but the birth was done in the Daihatsu Sigra car that he was riding in.

“My car is Daihatsu Sigra, so the birth is easier, because the seat is high. The position of the pregnant woman is in the car, the nurse helps from outside,” he added.

After the birth, Imam did not immediately receive a reward. Even though the car is full of blood, she was assisted by a nurse to cleanse until there was no more smell of blood

This was the first time he met Sandi, the husband of the passenger who was assisted in giving birth.

To Sandi, Imam stressed that at that time he wanted his passengers to give birth safely, both mother and child.

“I have forgotten about the payment. But, it was only today that I met,” he added.

Febrian gave birth to a baby girl named Adisa Atlana Hadinata. Adisa’s name was taken from the combination of the names of her parents.

Sandi also thanked Imam for his assistance in giving birth to his wife. If without him, maybe his wife will give birth on the streets.

“If it is not helped, maybe my wife will give birth on the streets,” he said, at the same location.