Introduce our IT staff. Abdul Majid, man born in Cirebon December 12, 1989 has been joined with Frasindo since September 2015. He is an enterprising worker in their field, always innovating and like new challenges. All the obstacles to work he was able to deal with well, at every working time he did not forget to share knowledge with other colleagues, IT staff problems in Frasindo has always been an interesting forum for him. Although he is very serious to pursue the field of work but Abdul Majid not forget to still have fun with his hobby, after working in a week he once took time to play football with his futsal team. He always remember the message of his gym teacher while in elementary school “In a strong body there is a healthy soul” so from that he always sempatkan to exercise.

The man who likes this fried food since graduating from college in 2015 to Jakarta, interested in Information Technology, four years through the lecture passed smoothly to graduate in June 2015 with a satisfactory predicate. Furthermore Frasindo has become a place to learn Majid to implement the science he has been able to at university, although he admits the world of work on some sides is very different from the world of lectures but it is precisely that he made the race so that every difficulty encountered it becomes a means of self-development for him.

Frasindo increasingly developed in terms of technological advances in information, especially regarding feature updates that support every visitor to the site to get accurate and fast information. And all things related to the progress of information technology Frasindo can not be separated from the role of Abdul Majid behind him.