Jakarta – The government has issued new rules for online taxis that are expected to accommodate all aspects of the application-based transportation industry in Indonesia.

One aspect that is of concern in this new rule is the matter of employment, where, at present the working relationship between the driver or the driver and the applicator company is a partnership.

KSPSI Deputy Chairperson, Confederation of All Indonesian Workers’ Unions (KSPSI) for Employee Welfare Improvement, Moh Jumhur Hidayat said the partnership relationship had turned into exploitation of the driver.

They were forced to follow all the rules of the company operator unilaterally. If you don’t follow it easily, it will freeze or turn off the online network so that the partner cannot operate to make a living.

Through the Ministry of Transportation’s latest rules, this problem was tried to be answered by asking the applicator companies to make the determination of the criteria for imposition of suspensions that the drivers had complained about.

The criteria referred to consist of mild, moderate, severe and very heavy. Criteria for light and medium, account drivers can be returned again. Then for serious violations, suspended driver accounts must be considered. While for the very heavy, sanctions are imposed on account revocation and also criminal sanctions.

With this rule, drivers are protected from suspend policies that are considered unilateral.

“We are very welcome and appreciate the existence of Permenhub 118/2018. Which was published on December 18 because it regulates quite detailed protection for drivers and passengers,” Hidayat said.

“This is clearly a regulation that protects the weak. This regulation should not only be appreciated in terms of transportation, but at the same time needs to be appreciated in terms of employment,” he added.

Transportation expert, Dion also appreciated the steps of the Jokowi government in issuing new online taxi rules.

On the other hand, he hopes the drivers must also provide good service and protection to passengers so that a harmonious balance occurs.

“With the Minister of Transportation Regulation 118/2018, this new regulation can be immediately implemented so that drivers and passengers enjoy the benefits of both parties. Indeed, the Government’s efforts towards an increasingly good thing must require time that cannot be lost. arrived), “he said.