PONTIANAK – A woman went berserk because she was intercepted by officers from Pontianak Supadio International Airport, West Kalimantan, suspected of being online or online taxi drivers.

The incident was recorded which was then uploaded by Ariief Budiiman and viral Facebook account (FB).

the 2-minute 44-second video shows a woman protesting to airport officials who arrange and arrange taxis. The woman protested while driving a car and was intercepted by someone claiming to be named Udin, in the airport area.

After intercepting, Udin was called to ask whether a woman was an online driver.

“What is this organization, sir? Please explain to me the problem. What is this? What is this organization? Obviously. This is a taxi or an airport? Explain, come on. You talk kindly, I recorded,” the woman asked a number of officers at the airport. , like in this viral video.

Then, a man in a white shirt with a black vest and inscribed with Supadio International Airport officials admitted that he was an officer in charge of a taxi under the auspices of the Primkopau Cooperative (Primary Air Force Cooperative).

“I am a Primkopau taxi officer. Maybe here there are motorcycle taxis (online taxis). Here we are dealing with (transportation) online,” he said.

The woman in the video then cut off the officers’ words. The woman then questioned the matter being intercepted by someone claiming to be named Udin.

“I do not want to extend it (online transportation rules). This is my live broadcast (live FB). Then what I want to ask is whether every car that wants to pick up is intercepted? This needs an explanation,” the mother asked.

Then the officer answered. “Not too ma’am.” The woman again asked about why she wanted to pick up her child but instead was intercepted and thought to be an online transportation driver.

“Then why am I being intercepted. Just now. Who is Udin. What’s his name,” said the woman.

The boatman, assisted by his colleague, confirmed that the intercepting was not a taxi under the auspices of the Primkopau Cooperative.

“I don’t know. It must be someone here (airport taxi). The time I was intercepted was asked ‘Are you online for passengers?’ I picked up my kid, why is it called an online driver. You see my car, “said the woman.

Hearing the protest, the officer advised the woman to show who was the one who intercepted it. To be immediately reported to airport officials.

“Where do I know the person, I am not a thug here. You guys here are busy. If he is not an airport taxi, surely that person will not be prevented. This must be this plot,” said the woman.

The clerk insisted that there was no driver or airport taxi officer named Udin. “I don’t know. Now this way, if he’s not from the airport taxi, he can’t be prevented. What is the element? Is my car stolen? Then he ran around here earlier.”

In this video, it appears that airport taxi officers are out of words. The atmosphere around was silent as if no one dared to argue with the woman.

A member of the TNI in camouflage uniforms who had been silent just to hear then gave advice to the company to explain.

“This is an impolite way of intercepting. I was intercepted, why. I thought I had a flat tire. Apparently I was asked ‘Are you online?’

Until now, the video continues to be shared by netizens. Not a few of them commented in support of the women’s actions.

The video was first uploaded by Ariief Budiiman’s Facebook account. Captioned ‘Singe is opposed !! Location of Supadio Pontianak Airport ‘. Since uploaded on November 9, until Tuesday (11/13/2018) at 3:15 a.m. WIB, the video has been redistributed 1,327 times by FB users.

Just to note, there is indeed a ban on online transportation of taking passengers in the Pontianak Supadio International Airport area. Information collected, if there is a reckless and caught up, then the online transportation driver must pay the prescribed fine.