Adam Sebastian

Adam Sebastian

The man who was born in Jakarta 1 December 1984 is an online taxi driver from the beginning of his Gocar operation, he admitted to register as an online taxi driver at the time the new application was launched. Previously Adam was interested in becoming an online taxi driver because he got information from his wife’s siblings about the opportunities and potential profits if becoming an online taxi driver moreover his brother willing to lend his car for use as a fleet on terms of sharing profits. He began to try his luck by being an online talent driver.

Adam has a warm and passionate personality, every passenger he has always felt the warmth of his attitude. Never ignore the orders that go into the application. Although Adam admits sometimes his warm attitude is less appreciated by the customer even he had experienced an unpleasant event but not even he reply to the attitude that is not pleasing.

Being an online taxi driver is not a profession he hopes for but with the valuable experience and income he earns, it has made him a man of gratitude and continues to do his best to give his best to his wife and two children.



Last contacted on Friday 18 May 2018, said that Monday will make payment, but wait until promised time can not be contacted, now the position of the car is already known and has been turned off via gps, we still give him a chance to respond sms and phone. if not responded by being forced to report to the police and taken the legal path


4th June 2018

Last night, Adam called out the reason his handphone was missing but from the management, was not able to tolerate the situation. Tomorrow morning she was asked to come and give her an explanation and hand over the keys. if he wants to continue, from the management requires pay off the arrears and pay 1 month in advance and so on

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