PROKAL.CO, TANJUNG SELOR – The North Kalimantan Provincial Government has granted operating licenses of 20 units of cars to become online transportation this year. Permission granted to the two operators, Grab and Gojek.

Therefore, the Kaltara Transportation Agency (Dishub) tolerated the rejection of conventional taxis against unlicensed online taxis. Head of the Kaltara Transportation Department’s Land Transportation Section, Dhani Karna, said that the determination of online transportation quotas is the domain of the government.

“We met with the Ministry of Transportation when we counted 40 units were obtained for Tarakan. Then we met with the regulator of the City of Tarakan, Dishub Tarakan proposed 20 units, finally agreed to a quota of 20 units, “explained Dhani, recently.

This was followed up with the stipulation of the Decree of the Governor of Kaltara No. 188.44 / K.831 / 2018 concerning Operational Areas and Planned Allocation of Total Needs of Transport Vehicles for Applications based on Information Technology (Online) as well as the Upper and Lower Limit Rates.

“Determination of the quota is so that licensing can be finished quickly and anticipate the people who feel uneasy about unlicensed online transportation,” he said.

From the quota of 20 units, Grab only proposed 2 units. Then the Decree of the Governor of Kaltara No. 188.44 / K.241 / 2019 concerning Permits for the Implementation of Special Lease Transportation Services for Transportation not on Route to the Borneo Pratama Jaya Cooperative.

However, in fact the Grab cars in the field operate more than 2 units, even exceeding the quota set by the Provincial Government of Kaltara. “That is what conventional taxis protest, those who do not have permission. In fact, when there is a quota of 20, Grab only proposed 2 units, so the East Kalimantan Transportation Agency assumed there was no problem, “he said.

In the end, there was an objection from Grab which stated that the quota of 20 units was very low and asked for a revision. Meanwhile, the remaining quota is only 1 unit after the Gojek application also enlivened by proposing 17 units.

“Revision in terms of increasing the quota can be done. The proposal was from the Tarakan Transportation Agency and we made a new agreement. The application also provided data that stated passenger services exceeded the previous quota, “he said.