, PALEMBANG – Secretary of the Sumsel Online Driver Association (ADO), Malwadi, said, since the video of a female passenger claiming to have been robbed of online taxi drivers, he had intervened.

Together with the applicator, ADO tried to find a driver who was suspected of carrying out the harassment and robbery.

“The two drivers who took the victims confirmed that they had not committed the alleged action. So, this afternoon we suggested making a report to the South Sumatra Regional Police accompanied by company representatives, “Malwadi added.

It gave up the investigation of the case completely to the police. Malwadi explained, since there was news that there were online drivers suspected of harassing and robbery, the association continued to provide assistance.

So even when the victim gave information to the police. But, said Malwadi, the statement of the victim felt something was wrong.

She said when he was fondled, She (victim, red) fainted. Next thing you know has been revealed at McDonald’s. If that’s the case, the victim can just shout. Moreover, his confession was the day before Friday prayers. You can shout for help, “he explained.

Malwadi added, the victims’ assets were only laptops. While the cellphone (cellphone) of the victim’s iPhone brand is returned. “She said his cellphone had been taken. Then the Grab application is deleted. Yes, if I am a little confusing, the story. Why only laptops. Why isn’t the cellphone taken too, “he added.

Malwadi stressed that his party fully submitted the investigation into the case to the police. If the report made by the passenger is fake, then his party will sue back. “Our online drivers are very disadvantaged. “People are afraid of taking taxis online,” he said.

He also appealed to the public not to be afraid of using taxol prosecutors.

“So far, there have never been incidents of online drivers who committed crimes against their passengers. Only this time there was a complaint. But I’m sure, the drivers are really serious about earning a living. So it won’t damage it with inappropriate actions, “he concluded.

The member of the taksol task force, Prabu said, because of alleged robbery and harassment by individual drivers, the other drivers were restless. To be clear, they are ready to help the police uncover this case. “For now, that’s all we can do so that there can be a bright spot as soon as possible,” he said.

Head of Criminal Investigation of Palembang Police, Kompol Yon Edi Winara, said the report on behalf of the victim (Apriliani, red) was indeed there and had been received. Recorded with LP B / 891 / V2018 / SPKT. “We will immediately follow up,” he said.

Head of Pidum Iptu Tohirin added that until now, his party was still investigating the case reported by the Aprilia reporter with the alleged criminal act of curas. “We are still investigating,” he said last night.

From the reporter’s information and initial information, Tohirin said it was suspected that the account of the driver who received the order was fake. “We have to coordinate first with the South Sumatra Regional Police, to find out the IP account,” he concluded.

Sumatra Ekspres last night managed to meet the Apriliani family. They stressed that the incident reported to the Palembang Police was all true. The victim’s father, Amir (53), invited if there were drivers who did not accept and reported the case back to the police.

“We are ready to meet. Later it will be found out who is wrong and who is right, “he said at his home last night. Unfortunately, this newspaper reporter cannot chat directly with the victim.

Our daughter is still traumatized by the incident, “he explained. Amir added that his party had fully submitted the case to the Palembang Police. “Monday (7/5), we will come to the Police again,” he said.

The victim’s sister, Destis, 30, said, when accompanying her sister to report to the Police, they were accompanied by representatives from the taxol driver and company.

“They said they would help reveal this truth. How come it’s funny if today they feel disadvantaged and defend the reported person, “he said

He explained that his sister only ordered taxol from Lemabang with the aim to PGRI University campus. There is no other purpose and only one order. “It’s not true that my sister orders twice,” he concluded.