Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) will impose full online taxi rules starting from June 1, 2019. The regulation is the Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) PM 118 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Special Rental Transportation.

“Soon, on June 1, we will apply the 118 Minister of Transportation Regulation regarding online taxis,” said Director General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setiyadi, in his office on Monday (05/06/2019).

Actually, the rule has been promulgated since the end of 2018. However, the Ministry of Transportation decides that there needs to be a six-month socialization period before it can be fully implemented.

The rule was issued after going through a steep road. Why not, the rules regarding online taxis even changed four times in two years.

First, namely Permenhub – PM No. 32 of 2016, which was subsequently replaced by PM No. 26 of 2017 and PM No. 108 of 2017. Now, ahead of the enactment of the Minister of Transportation – PM No. 118 of 2018, the Ministry of Transportation has a number of records.

“Anticipating against what has been applied in ojek online, this is our correction regarding supervision,” said Budi Setiyadi.

“We will try to monitor the applicator’s compliance and the level of satisfaction of the drivers and the public towards PM 118,” he said.

Along with the implementation of the regulation, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) is evaluating online taxi fares. However, until now there has been no further information regarding the evaluation of tariffs being reviewed.

The discourse of this tariff change was sticking out based on the speech of Director of Road Transportation, Directorate General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Ahmad Yani, in Jakarta, Tuesday (2/26/2019).

“So it is recalculated but it has not been submitted to us. Because in the discussion of the tariffs, indeed it must involve stakeholders,” Yani said at the time.

He said the intended stakeholders were online taxi entrepreneurs, in this case small and medium enterprises (UKM) or cooperatives. Besides that, there are also representatives of drivers and online taxi applicators.

So far, online taxi rates are regulated based on Dirjen Perhubungan of Land Transportation Regulation Number: SK.3244 / AJ.801 / DJPD / 2017 concerning the upper limit and lower limit rates of special rental transportation. Specifically, nominal rates are stated in Article 2.

It was stated, the amount of special rental transportation rates in the Sumatra, Java and Bali regions was IDR 6,000 / km for the upper limit of IDR 3,500 / km for the lower limit. Furthermore, the tariffs in the Kalimantan, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua regions are Rp. 6,500 / km for the upper limit and the lower limit tariff is Rp. 3,700 / km.

In the regulation it is also strictly regulated regarding insurance contributions. It was stated, the special rental transportation rates for each province included the obligatory Jasa Raharja general passenger insurance contributions of Rp. 60 per person and Jasa Raharja Putera’s passenger liability insurance of Rp. 40 per person.

So, will it be revoked in the near future?

“Not yet, as long as there is no new one, it has not been revoked. Upon the proposal, later friends from the community will see how much it counts. There must be a clarification from us. We will discuss it again,” he concluded at that time.