PEKANBARU – Hundreds of taxi drivers from various transportation service providers in Pekanbaru city rallied in front of the gate of Pekanbaru city office building.

This action is the impact of the clash of a number of taxi drivers with online transport driver Go-Jek that happened Sunday night (20/08/2017). As a result of the clash, 9 taxis were badly damaged.

“We have been in Pekanbaru for many years, even since 1976 we are here, now we are destroyed by their existence (online transport),” said a taxi driver, Yusra, Monday (21/06/2017).

By carrying banners containing various demands, they judge the attitude of the driver of Go Jek has been beyond reasonable limits. Until caused nine cars taxi badly damaged.

From observation, good taxi cars from Blue Bird, Riau Taxi, Puskopau (Air Force Cooperative Center) and Kopsi damaged on the windshield with broken conditions. Likewise lights look damaged and hollow.

Although the vehicle resulted in damage, the taxi driver declared will not take action back. With the record, the perpetrators of such violence must be dealt with strictly according to the law.

In addition, they asked Pekanbaru City Government to revoke the existence of the online transport.

Head of Pekanbaru Transportation Department, Arifin Harahap visited the demonstrators. Some of the taxi drivers and representatives of land transportation organizations (Organda) Pekanbaru then held a meeting.

Until this news is revealed the meeting is still ongoing. While other masses are still continuing the demonstration.

Meanwhile, Pekanbaru City Police Department said it was investigating a successive clash between application-based transport drivers in this case Go-Jek and Go-Car with conventional taxi drivers that occurred at Simpang Mall SKA.

“The perpetrators in the shoot both from conventional taxi drivers and from online ones,” said Police Chief Pekanbaru, Kombes Pol Susanto.