, BATAM – Bickering to the physical fight colored the commotion between conventional taxis and online taxis in Batam, Wednesday (1/15/2020).

The dispute between the two parties in the area around the Mega Mall Batam Center this time also claimed casualties.

As told by an online taxi driver, Indra, his partner had to be rushed to the Awal Bros Batam Hospital.

“The victim was Bobi. There were serious injuries, and there were other friends who were also slightly injured, minor injuries,” he explained to the Batam Tribune.

According to him, the party from the online taxi itself will report the matter to Batam City Police (Polsek).

“Still waiting for the victim (Bobi). But we will make a report,” he continued.

Previously reported, as if there were no bars, the commotion between conventional taxis and online taxis in Batam City re-occurred on Wednesday (1/15/2020).

Located around the Mega Mall Batam Center area, both of them were even involved in physical fighting.

“The problem is still the same. Because of picking up passengers,” one of the online taxi drivers, Indra told the Batam Tribune.

In fact, said Indra again, his colleague had been hit by a raw punch by a person.

He explained, the problem began when his colleague would pick up the passenger around the mall area.

However, not long ago, a crowd of conventional taxis came to block him so that the bickering was inevitable.

Whereas before, the Transportation Department of the Riau Islands Province said both parties would be reassembled to discuss the red zone case or the passenger pick-up point.