TRIBUNBATAM.ID, BATAM – Only one day passed, conventional taxis and taxis online were again in trouble.

This is as delivered by Indra, one of the online taxi drivers, to TRIBUNBATAM.ID, Saturday (03/23/2019) at 7:15 a.m. WIB.

“There’s another commotion. It’s happening around DC Mall. The problem is the same as last night, picking up passengers,” he wrote in a Whatsapp message.

Based on the information from him, it was known that the commotion occurred on Friday (3/22/2019) at around 19:00 WIB.

In his message, Indra also sent a video showing conventional taxis and online taxis being hostile.

“There was no physical clash. But still, this was the impact of licensing that was constantly being hung,” he said.

In the video, some people are in a commotion.

There was also an offensive remark regarding 47 points for picking up passengers that had been successfully agreed upon.

“Follow the rules. I came to the meeting yesterday. That point is already there,” said a man with a mustache in the video.

Regarding this, Indra explained the chronology to TRIBUNBATAM.ID in detail.

“One of our members wanted to pick up passengers at DC Mall. However, he did not take it directly right in front of the mall. Outside the area instead. It was still a problem. From that incident, suddenly there was a warning in our group, that there was a commotion, “he explained.

But until now, according to Indra, the commotion has been resolved.

“It’s safe and under control. It’s just not good if it has to clash, right,” he concluded.

Previously, Edi Gunawan as Secretary of the Communication Forum of the Special Rental Transportation Business Entity (FK-BUASKU), asked the government to be firm in addressing this issue.


“We have said many times, the government must be firm. Don’t when there is a problem, a meeting is made. But it does not produce anything. Just throwing out the budget and increasing expenditure,” he said.

According to Edi, his party will immediately review the 47 agreed pick-up points.

“Information from the chairman, Iswadi, we will immediately review the existing point. It does not affect that point either. The community or tourists who want to order taxis online are haunted by fear. Like a commotion in the square last Sunday, so it scared tourists. “The city of Batam is also affected. There will definitely be an impact from it,” he said.

Edi was surprised that the dispute between conventional taxis and online taxis continued to occur in Batam City.

“Ashamed of other cities. Batam is just a small city, how come this way. Jakarta has just finished this problem. Always talking about local wisdom, what local wisdom is it? Whose interest is it?” he said with a laugh.

Regarding the commotion that followed, Jamhur Ismail, as the Head of the Riau Islands Province Transportation Agency, mentioned to TRIBUNBATAM.ID that a meeting would be held soon.

“A meeting will be held soon. Probably next week. The meeting will be held to emphasize order to maintain order. And keep each other in the Red Zone, which was agreed upon,” he wrote in a Whatsapp message on Friday (3/22/2019) at 10.02 WIB.

Jamhur’s statement was different from what was explained by Frengki Willianto as the Head of Road Transport Traffic (LLAJ) some time ago.

“According to PM 118/2018, of course there is the authority to provide sanctions related to Minimum Service Standards (SPM) and control of permits. Only in those rules, there is no regulation regarding the red zone. This is just local wisdom,” he said when confirmed Thursday ( 3/14/2019) at 19.33 WIB.