Jakarta – If earlier in the year 2017, conventional taxi drivers demonstrated and demanded the government to correct the rules about the taxi online. This time it was the turn of the taxi driver who held the protests.

The demo of the taxi drivers online is related to the rejection of several pawns on the revision of Permenhub Number 26 of 2017 on the Transportation of People with Public Vehicles Not in the Trayek aka taxi online which will be formed into a new PM.

Monitoring detikFinance, action that originally could start from 09.00 is not yet started. The taxi drivers of this application start arriving at 10:30 with a car commonly used for online taxi fleet. One car carrying 3-4 demonstrators was parked at IRTI Field, Monas. They then gathered in one corner of the park at Monas.

While one commando car with 5 loudspeakers was ready on location. Although not uniform, the driver of this application on average wear a white shirt with red ribbon tied in the arm.

Julian, Field Coordinator of Demo and Head of Public Relations of Indonesia Special Transportation Organization (Oraski), said the action was followed by about 700 drivers from Jabodetabek. Some more deliberately came from the region of Banten and West Java.

“There are some basic demands of this peace action: Firstly the SRUT (Type Registration Type Certificate), the two sticker issues that were originally agreed on 6 cm diameter now become 15 cm, then put the Kemenhub logo on the back door we also refused,” said Julian to detikFinance met at IRTI, Wednesday (25/10/2017).

Demands rejection of other new rules, he continued, namely the obligation of online taxi vehicles using license plate special police.

“We reject any special transportation of the lease given the license plate code number of the police as an identification.On 12.00 hours we will be peaceful action in front of Kemenhub,” added Julian.

For information, in the revision of Permenhub Number 26 of 2017, there are at least 9 points emphasized in the regulation, such as argometer, tariff, operation area, quota / planning requirement, minimum requirement of 5 vehicles, proof of ownership of motor vehicles, (TNKB), SRUT, and the role of applicators.