Jakarta – The Governor of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) supports the existence of ojeks and taxis online. Ahok encourages these innovations to continue to grow in order to increase the economic activity of the community.

“With regard to taxis and taxis online, executives can explain that principally the executive encourages the growth of innovation and economic activities of the people including the online transport sector as long as it suits the conditions required,” Ahok said.

This was conveyed as he read the response to the general view of factions for the 2016 Budget Plan in the Platonic Meeting Room of DPRD, Jl Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Saturday (19/12/2015). Ahok expressed this view in response to the question of the People’s Conscience Party Faction (Hanura).

Requirements that must be met include registering their business both in companies and individuals. Not only that, they also have to provide insurance for passengers.

Basically private, Ahok has his own view of the existence of motorcycles. Analog, a motorcycle taxi that ever existed for an unidentified child.

“If you prohibit motorcycle taxi, motorcycle taxi as I said the child himself does not want to be given the driving safety, there are motorcycles like that? It can be prohibited people want to ride motorcycles like that? No, it is important that motorcycle taxis do not break the rules, Helm .. Now the rescuer is there Ojek why baseball, “said Ahok in the Old City, Friday (18/12).

Ahok said that his side will induce if there are motorists who do not meet the requirements, such as wearing a helmet and so forth.
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