Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The National Driver Online Alliance (Aliando) demands the government to involve it in a review of Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 108 of 2017 concerning the Implementation of People’s Transport with Non-Public Vehicles in Routes.

Coordinator Aliando April Baja asked the government to be able to include vehicle drivers based on online applications in the revision of Permenhub 108. Baja considers the drivers who in fact are also partners of the applicator, have a status that is parallel to the applicator in determining the decision.

Baja considers the driver to have a contribution that also helps the company embark on its performance, namely in the form of a private car.

“The relationship between applicators and online drivers is an equal partner, because we also invest in private cars,” Baja said at a press conference in front of the Proclamation Monument, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Sunday (1/4). 

Not only that, Aliando also encouraged the government to change the applicator’s status from the application company to become a transportation company. Thus, Baja calls the applicator not only an e-commerce tax object, but also as an object of tax on transportation services. He also said this would clarify the legal status between the driver and the applicator.

“There is a potential for increased income for the country, besides that if the applicator becomes a company, there is a clear legal status between the driver and the applicator,” he said.

Therefore, Baja said that this would make the applicator unable to arbitrarily break partner relations with the driver. Baja calls if the applicator causes kerudian, then the driver has a legal umbrella to ask the applicator for responsibility.

“So obviously our relationship. So far we are not clear, the driver lost online in Palembang would like to have the same responsibilities are? Because they (applicator) can not be sued because they are not a transportation company,” said Baja

No Raids

On the same occasion, Aliando also asked the government and applicators not to conduct vehicle raids during the suspension period of the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 108 of 2017 (Permenhub 108). He asked all parties to respect the initial agreement (status quo) of the Minister of Transportation Regulation 108, and only to implement the rules until the new regulation was issued.

“We ask that there be no law enforcement or raid drivers. Then the applicator does not require KIR, general A license, and all other derivative rules,” Baja said.

Baja reminded Jokowi, who was still the Governor of DKI Jakarta in 2013, to propose that the vehicle’s due diligence for online drivers be abolished.

“Jokowi at the time said that the KIR was abolished because it was not relevant to passenger safety. In addition, it might be a mirror from France which tests the feasibility of vehicles for vehicles over the age of three to four years,” Baja said.


source https://www.cnnindonesia.com/nasional/20180401165318-20-287389/aliando-ingin-terlibat-revisi-aturan-taksi-online