Cirebon – A car driver who allegedly online taxi driver into a mass-monthly mass in the Pantura, Central Tani area, Kedawung District, Cirebon District.

The vigilante action was carried out by a number of suspected drivers of angkot and ojeg bases around 12:30 pm, Wednesday (16/08/2017).

The man in a white shirt with a black sash bag was driving a Toyota Inova E 1018 KR. The driver was taken to the yard of a garage located on the roadside. In that place, the man was interrogated and beaten.

Luckily the action is not more violent after a resident named Dally to save the driver from the rampage of the masses.

“I came home from the mosque to see if there is a dipukulin.I saved the baseball dipukulin said he was an online taxi driver,” said Dally who wore the black cap.

Not long after the driver was dragged into his inova car with a position flanked by a mass on the middle bench. While one other person sat on the steering bench.

“We take it to the police only,” one of the crowd shouted as he dragged the driver.

A number of journalists who were in tkp had to do a search to the nearest police station ranging from Kedawung Police, North West Polsek (Utbar) and Police Cirebon. But until 13:30 pm the car is invisible and unknown existence.

Action rejection of online transport in Cirebon continues rolling one last week. Even yesterday, hundreds of angkot drivers and motorcycle taxi bases had a demonstration