Depok – A group of ojek drivers online (ojol) almost clashed with a motorcycle taxi (opang) near the campus of University of Indonesia. This incident was triggered by a misunderstanding.

Putu Kholis Aryana’s Police Criminal Investigation Unit said the commotion was triggered by rumors of a silly driver being beaten by opang.

“The source of the problem is just rumor that there is an online motorcycle taxi driver who was hit by a motorcycle taxi, but after tracing it, there was no casualty in the beating,” Putu Kholis told AFP on Tuesday (23/1/2018).

This incident happened at around 20:10 pm. After getting the information, the officer went directly to the location of the incident in Beji, Depok. “The police dispersed, the Jaguar team also went down,” he said.

Conditions at the site are conducive Conditions on site are conducive (Photo: Special Document)

Currently a bunch of ojol and opang drivers have been disbanded from the location.

“For the mass of motorcycle taxi has been directed to dissolve itself, while the motorcycle taxi base has left UI campus area to the top of the UI flyover,” said Putu Kholis.

Asked for separate confirmation, Beji Kompol police chief Yenny Angraini said the situation at the site was secure. “No (no clashes) It’s safe, I’m on the scene now it’s safe,” Yenny said.
(jbr / fdn)