Hargo.co.id, GORONTALO – Bentor’s feud with an online grab or taxi occurred again after several months ago had clashed with the driver at Djalaludin Airport. This time, online taxi drivers almost clashed with the bentor driver who usually hang out at Aloe Saboe Hospital (RSAS) in Gorontalo City.

This happened in the RSAS parking page on Wednesday (09/19/2018) at around 2:30 p.m. The event took place fist because a number of Bentor drivers were disturbed by the presence of online taxis in RSAS. The reason is that since online taxis entered RSAS, their income declined.

This story began when one of the online taxis came to RSAS to take passengers. Suddenly, there were a number of driver bentor blocking the online taxi and ordered to lower the window. To avoid being misled, the bentor drivers are still asking to ensure that the car is actually an online taxi, or not the patient’s family.

True. The car is an online taxi and is directly surrounded by bentor drivers who often hang out at RSAS. It’s just that, the action invited the attention of visitors. Understandably, the sweeping action against online taxis by the Bentor driver is not later this time. This means that it has often happened.

Luckily it was immediately known by the Head of Sub-directorate General and Equipment of RSAS, Taufik Dungga and immediately mediated the case. It was revealed that the presence of an online taxi was troubling the driver of the crash. They were accused of seizing bentor livelihoods as evidenced by the decrease in the number of passengers.

“Actually this is the right of patients or visitors, whether or not to use taxis online. However, an agreement is needed to find a solution, “said Taufik Dungga.

The negotiations that lasted for an hour, agreed on several things, namely online taxis are still allowed to pick up or deliver passengers at RSAS. But parking is prohibited in the hospital area. While the brother bentor should not block an online taxi when taking shuttle passengers.

Ulun Amri Isman, a representative from the Bentor driver, said his party agreed. As a person who represents the brothers and sisters, he cannot deny the existence of online taxis. It’s just that the agreement carried out together must be adhered to by both parties to avoid things that are not desirable.

However, there is something that has stalled from this event, is a matter of online taxi permits. There is news that the Gorontalo Provincial Government has not issued an operating permit for an online taxi (grab). So, to keep things undesirable, it’s good for an online taxi to have a permit so that it is legal.