– Suryanto, an online taxi driver in Tanjunguncang, Batuaji, Batam City, has to deal with the police.

This 33-year-old man was accused of kidnapping children by residents in the Fanindo housing and market complex, Batuaji.

Suryanto was arrested by residents because he often gives some money for snacks to the children who play around the Fanindo market and handed over to Batuaji Police Headquarters on Monday (11/04/2019) afternoon.

The arrest of Suryanto shocked Batam residents. Because he was viral on various social media with information as the perpetrators of kidnapping children.

Suryanto mentioned about to kidnapped dozens of children with the car he used. The Batuaji police chief, Commissioner Syafruddin Dalimunthe, said the results of the interim investigation into the accusation against Suryanto were untrue.

He said, Suryanto did not carry out kidnappings or other criminal acts against children.

Suryanto continued, just to please the kids because the place he is starting to look for passengers close to the children’s playground.

“That’s not true, what is viral in social media is hoaks,” he said.

The police chief explained, Suryanto, had been interrogated and the children he had given money for snacks had also been questioned.

“He is just close to children because maybe he is merciful to children, “he explained.

The news about the kidnapping of children began with the suspicion of the parent of a child who saw his child holding Rp. 15,000.

The child’s parents ask where the money came from and it was known to be given by Suryanto.

This parent finally came to Suryanto by bringing other residents so that the kidnapping information became chaotic.

“We have also called the parents of these children. Everything has been clear, concerned (Suryanto) is indeed not proven to have committed crimes against these children, “he explained.

“But for mutual comfort, we direct him not to stay in the Fanindo market. He is an online taxi driver, “said Dalimunthe again.

Suryanto himself claimed to be surprised with the viral news that he is a kidnapper.

He hoped that the community would not be prejudiced against him because what he did was purely due to his familiarity with children.

Because he said, he often met with these children.

“There is no other purpose. They often play in that place
so it’s already familiar. Just ask the children if I did something wrong, “he said