VIVA – The increasingly fast-paced business of online transportation based on ride or sharing makes conventional transportation companies have to think hard in order to continue to survive.

On the one hand, in the era of digitalization like now, online taxi players are considered to have greater innovation space.

Simply press the application with the touch of a finger, an online taxi can be ordered. Meanwhile, on the other hand, metered taxis with a ‘more mature’ age are considered more susceptible to innovation problems. Even though they still exist on the streets of big cities. Then, with the ‘digitalization of taxis’, what will happen to metered taxis?

In the eyes of Marketing Director of PT Blue Bird Tbk, Amelia Nasution, ARGO remains a part of consumer needs.

“We are in principle a multi-channel access. Argo is still relevant for consumers. The composition of the meter between orders and applications remains the same,” he told VIVA, Saturday, September 8, 2018.

Amelia views, the existence of metered taxis on the streets is increasingly monopolized by the existence of mobile applications developed by the issuer coded company BIRD like My Blue Bird.

According to him, the ability of the metered taxi application is still reliable by consumers. Even so, Amelia admitted that metered taxis continue to innovate in terms of transactions that allow consumers to pay non-cash taxis via e-vouchers or credit cards.

In addition, continued Amelia, Blue Bird has also launched the Easy Ride feature which is a refinement of the payment system in the metered taxi. That is, consumers can stop a taxi on the road, but can make non-cash payments through the application.

“The Easy Ride feature is our ability to see taxis that are available around the location, as well as a rating system for drivers to improve service quality. So, metered taxis are open to the realization of a cashless society,” he explained

For this reason, Blue Bird gave the Road Stars Award on Saturday, September 8 yesterday, as an appreciation and appreciation to the internal customers (drivers) who showed their integrity and dedication in providing services to external customers (loyal customers).

“The awarding of this award is part of the National Customer Day to give appreciation to internal and external customers,” Amelia said.

Currently Blue Bird operates 25 thousand vehicles, and is present in 18 major cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Denpasar, Bandung, Makassar, Medan and Pekanbaru.