Senior Scala, Akka back-end developer with passion. He always interested in various forms of renewable energy(especially the sun and wind), genomic, electric self-driving cars, and many others that can bring something good to humanity and our beautiful planet.

If you ever wonder how to build a solar panel from photovoltaics and solar battery, then you found the right person and the right place, he also invite you to to learn about it, as he will draw you an image on how to create your own photovoltaics and harvest the unlimited clean energy from the sun.

Expert in coding and gnome, he is more than capable to lead every project, as every team will heads up when he mentors and advising. Seeing his record is staggering,  Turbo Pascal , C++ , etc..  “Coding was fun..” he said.. you see how crazy and awesome that is?.

His dedication, support, and believe to the Frasindo vision, mission, team, company and the community is more than we expected; we are very grateful in having him on-board as a FRASINDO AMBASADOR, he deserve the title, and its not suppose to making him proud but it is making the team feel proud able to invite him on-board, and we are more confident in facing all the obstacle awaiting Frasindo.

He completes the Frasindo team with his vision of HELPING THE WORLD and HUMANITY, and always remind us to never oversteps the boundaries when treating other human(crew at frasindo). His humanity sense is very similar to another member of frasindo team which is Vita Virginia. 🙂 Now we got 2persons observing and maintain the company social sense.

He will lead and advice us, as we together building frasindo from local region and into global; he will help in public hearing and education, manage events and expanding the company globaly, also become the example how we should treat all Frasindo members and supporters.

Along with his expertise in gnomic and AI, we cant imagine what we could build with the car we have, maybe experimenting self-driving cars.. or drone, or water fueled car. The hope and dreams is what makes humanity thrive today.. Together, today’s imagination and devotion will shape the world.