Bandung – Angkot drivers protest against the Car Pooling program which requires ASN Transportation Department to go to work together using Grab. They considered the policy to show the Bandung City Government ignored the fate of angkot.

One of the public transportation drivers, Wandi (59) said he was surprised by the program. In fact, he continued, without the program, public transportation has been marginalized because of taxis and motorcycle taxis online.

“Moreover with this program. Why does it have to be Grab? Not City Transportation,” Wandi said when met by AFP at Cicaheum Terminal, Jalan AH Nasution, Bandung, Monday (03/11/2019).

According to him, the City Government of Bandung is too free from the application-based transportation. Almost all corners of the region which usually become public transportation routes have been controlled by online taxis.

He considered the government should limit the area of ​​online taxi operations. “Here all the corners are controlled by online taxis. Now at the terminal that night, passengers who get off the bus are transported online instead of City Transportation,” complained the Cicaheum – Ciroyom angkot driver.

He asked the government not to take sides with online taxis. Moreover, it requires the ASN to ride Grab rather than angkot which is also public transportation.

“We are also public transportation. Don’t take sides too much with them. We also want to be taken care of,” said Wandi.

The tone of protest was also raised by another public transportation driver, Sudrajat (48). According to him, online transportation is more privileged by the current government than City Transportation.

“If there is a program like that, look, right, who is more privileged. Until civil servants are only required to ride Grab,” said Sudrajat.

He admitted that he should apply the program by using city transportation. Because at least it can reduce the burden on public transportation drivers at this time.

“The existence of online taxis cannot be banned. But we also want to be noticed too, supported by the government. Tell civil servants to ride City Transportation,” said Sudrajat.