, SIDOARJO – The Association of motorcycle taxi drivers and online taxis in East Java held a declaration stating their support for the pair for the couple Joko Widodo – Ma’ruf Amin.

Their support was given because they felt that Jokowi’s leadership period had given much attention to online drivers until finally online motorcycle taxis continued to run now.

The declaration was carried out by online drivers, in the area of ​​Geluran Village, Taman Subdistrict, Sidoarjo. Those who participated in this declaration were two-wheeled or four-wheeled online drivers.

Iqbal, online driver coordinator in East Java, explained, during his reign with Jusuf Kalla, Jokowi was considered to have given much attention, to the online transportation business in Indonesia.

“All of these things can be proven by the support of the Jokowi government, on the continuation of the world of online transportation in the country,” said Iqbal.

Although online motorbikes and taxis online were challenged by conventional transport entrepreneurs, the Jokowi government always intervened to mediate. Evidently, until now the online transportation business still exists in Indonesia.

In addition, support was given because during Jokowi’s administration actively developing road infrastructure, it had a significant impact on the online transportation business.

Construction and improvement of road infrastructure, in addition to reducing congestion, also reduces the number of accidents.