Bandung, CNN Indonesia – Hundreds of drivers of city transportation (angkot) and conventional taxis in Bandung, West Java, which are members of the Wadah Al-Aspiration Transportation Association (WAAT) ceased operations on Tuesday (8/5).

Public transportation drivers conduct a mass strike so that the government enforces the rules on online transportation through Minister of Transportation Regulation (PM) No. 108 of 2017 concerning People’s Transport with Public Vehicles Not in Route.

The Chairperson of WAAT Jabar Herman said Minister of Transportation Regulation (PM) No. 108 of 2017 which had been socialized in October 2017 then decided on a transition period of three months.

“However, this was not realized as he promised regarding law enforcement after the three-month transition period, even the Director General of Transportation reduced the suspension of law enforcement related to Ministerial Regulation Number 108,” Herman said.

According to him, the angkot drivers from WAAT Jabar did not get legal certainty due to the suspension of Permenhub Number 108.

“So with that, WAAT Jabar took the position to return to the mass action on the road and again demanded accountability to the Governor of West Java regarding what was promised, about the enforcement of PM No. 108,” he said.

In addition to the strike, the crowd held a peaceful protest in front of Gedung Sate, Bandung, West Java. As a result, vehicles passing on Jalan Diponegoro were diverted.

Anton (40), Leuwipanjang-Soreang driver said the existence of an online taxi was detrimental. He said the number of passengers decreased from normal due to online taxis.

“In this pathway we have difficulty competing with online taxis. Passengers are also reduced,” Anton said.

The reduced number of passengers influences Anton’s deposit amount. He said, now it can only give a deposit of Rp130 thousand per day from the previous amount of Rp150 thousand per day.

“It only gets 3 rhythms. It works from 6 to 4 in the afternoon. While the passengers are quiet and the road is jammed,” he said.

The demonstrations and strikes of conventional public transportation drivers and taxis in Bandung led by WAAT are planned to be held for four days from May 8 to May 11, 2018.