, BATAM – Polemic related to online taxi licensing in Batam City until now still have not found a bright spot.

Most recently, Thursday (11/07/2019), several online taxi drivers requested assertiveness from the relevant parties to immediately issue an online taxi permit.

“It should be firm if indeed we are permitted to operate then the permit must be issued. The Riau Islands Provincial Government must address this immediately so it will not continue to be noisy later, “said a male taxi driver online in Batam City when met.

Even so, he also said that online taxis have now become one of the ‘livelihoods’ for the people of Batam City.

“Many job fields are closed. Not to mention there are a number of employees being reduced. And online taxis are actually becoming one of the new options, we are quite able to get or take home Rp 150 thousand a day,” he explained, asking not to be named.

Meanwhile, one of the representatives of the Special Rent Transport (ASK) business entity in Batam City, Sawir, said that the online taxi operating permit has been carried out.

In fact, according to him, as many as nine business entities have met with the Transportation Department (Dishub) of the Riau Islands Province to discuss its publication.

“We have urged, and have met with DPM PTSP Riau Islands as well. Hopefully, it can be responded to immediately, because if it continues to be noisy it will create a dilemma for the drivers. If it’s not permissible to operate just tell to us, and if allowed issue the permit, “he said when contacted.

In addition, he said if the quota amount for online taxis in Batam City
Until now there are 300 units of cars.

According to him, this has been discussed in advance.

“We also urge related agencies to be firm. All the conditions for taking care have been done, but the same response should also be shown,” he continued.

Previously, the Head of the Batam City Transportation Agency, Rustam Efendi, even conveyed the pressure on the provincial transportation authorities to resolve this problem immediately.

He said, if the problem is still hung polemic will emerge continuously.

“This problem has been since 2015. The impact to the Batam city, foreign tourists might be run away, “he complained.

He also emphasized that his party could not do anything. Not without reasons, the issue of a full operational permit is the authority of the Riau Islands Provincial Transportation Department.

“Acting Governor of the Riau Islands and related agencies can take a stand,” he said.