, BATAM – Had a deal with the police as a result of the beating of an online taxi driver in the Mega Mall Batam Center area some time ago, the latest in this case has ended peacefully.

Previously, the police had secured one of the three perpetrators of an online taxi driver beating in the Mega Mall area.

The perpetrators were questioned at Batam City Police Headquarters.

Now, the chaotic taxi that led to the beating of an online taxi driver ended peacefully.

Both parties are agreed not to bring it into the realm of law

This case has also been handled by Batam City Sector Police (Polsek).

This is as explained by the Public Relations Police Barelang, Iptu Supardi.

“Yes, it’s already (peaceful). So, the case is declared over,” he told, Thursday (1/23/2020). He also admitted, if the chaos between the two sides both conventional and online taxis became a serious concern of the Barelang Police.

He said, if the persecution repeats itself again, his party will not hesitate to take a firm step.

“Anyone who experiences persecution, immediately report to us,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Supardi did not want much to comment on the polemic of the online taxi pick up point (red zone) in Batam.

He only appealed to the two parties to maintain order and comfort in the City of Batam.

“There must be no violence. Considering that the place that often causes commotion is a lot of tourists pass. For the pick-up point, go directly to the authorities,” he said.

Previously, a member of the Batam DPRD Commission III, Thomas said that the chaos between conventional taxis and online taxis in Batam can be addressed to the maximum.

To he asked the police to continue the case of the persecution against the online taxi in Batam.

For him, this incident tarnished the authority of transportation in the city of Batam.

“If today is given tolerance. Tomorrow (clashes) occur again, and so on. So this must be the attention of the National Police,” he continued.

He also regretted that the Riau Islands Provincial Government, in this case the Riau Islands Department of Transportation (Dishub), seemed to silence this prolonged conflict.

Because, Thomas revealed that the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 118 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Special Lease Transportation must be enforced and not just go away.