TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, PALEMBANG – A number of online motorcycle taxi drivers and online taxi drivers are suspected of cheating against consumers.

This was done by stealing OVO balance, which is an online transaction application.

The mode of online motorcycle taxi drivers and online taxis stealing OVO balances is revealed through a search for reporters

This mode was revealed when a reporter found a discrepancy between online motorcycle taxi rates and his OVO balance was deducted.

Before the transaction, he had an OVO balance of Rp. 52 thousand.

Then, he used the online motorcycle taxi service for Rp. 6 thousand.

“That means, my balance is still IDR 46 thousand,” he said.

But apparently, the remaining OVO balance is only Rp. 32 thousand.

He only realized this the next day, when he wanted to reuse online motorcycle taxi services.

“Because the deduction of the balance was only Rp. 6,000, I didn’t really bother at first. There might be things that I don’t remember and use, but it still stuck in my mind,” he said.

In reality, he was not the only victim of OVO balance theft.

Another person turned out to have been a similar victim.

The person told me that he had an OVO balance of Rp. 100,000.

Then he uses an online taxi service at a rate of Rp. 12 thousand.

“Last week, I was from Stihpada to the Citra Grand City Complex, the rate was only 12 thousand, my balance was 100,000,” he said.

After deducting the online taxi fare, the remaining OVO balance should be IDR 88 thousand.

“But when I want to order again, there is a statement that my balance is only Rp. 52,000. I check again it turns out it’s from an online taxi,” he said.

He claimed to know the deductions exceeded the tariff after checking the transaction history in the online taxi application.

“Well, what if you don’t give an assessment, you can’t order again, I’ve emailed (to an online taxi company) directly, but until now, there has been no response,” he said.

Confession According to Driver

The reporter then interviewed a number of online motorcycle taxi drivers and online taxis.

Some drivers then tell the driver’s mode to steal the OVO balance.

An online taxi driver, E explained, there were several colleagues who took OVO balance owned by passengers, exceeding the predetermined rates.

“Be careful if you pay using OVO. Passengers are often not aware that the OVO balance has decreased more than the payment rate in the application,” he said.

He also explained the mode carried out by individual online motorcycle taxi drivers and online taxis in stealing OVO balances belonging to passengers.

According to him, in the application held by the driver, there is a tariff edit menu.

On the menu, drivers can add other costs, such as tolls and parking.

And without the knowledge of the passenger, the driver fills out the edit menu.

“Usually, the target is passengers who are in a hurry,” he explained.

“The passenger immediately believed and did not see the driver complete the tariff cut menu,” he added.

Therefore, he suggested that the passenger wait for the driver to complete the confirmation step, and check the final rate stated in the application.

“So don’t immediately get off the vehicle and leave,” he said.

“Wait for the driver to finish or press the confirmation button,” he added.

Old Application

Another online taxi driver revealed that this mode can be applied to old applications.

While in applications that have been updated or upgraded, it cannot be done.

“If now in the new application the edit menu option no longer exists. Maybe this is to facilitate customer complaints,” he said.

Until this news was revealed, the OVO had not provided further explanation.