PADANG – The virtual world suddenly made a scene with the emergence of drivers ojek online (ojol) beautiful women harmonized. Unmitigated, her beauty even aligned with artist Isyana Sarasvati.

The assessment was given directly by a warganet who admired the beauty of a girl named Intan Septi Ceptina (23). Once the name suddenly famous, Instagram account Diamonds directly invaded netizen. Warganet then commented on each photo that Diamond uploaded on his Instagram account @intancampina.

They are mostly adam this praise the beauty of the thick-browed girl. Diamond is said to be very similar to the artist Isyana Sarasvati.

Some netizens also assess the face of girls from Padang, West Sumatra is similar to dangdut singer Via Vallen. Here among the warganet comments:

“It’s really like Isyana Sarasvati,” writes the account owner @ kang_zulkarnain.

“miss is similar to Isyana yes,” wrote @ alproduction11.

“This is what he said is similar to Isyana or Via Vallen,” wrote @ love_ve_love2018.

“Original is very similar to Isyana Sarasvati, again excited ya,” wrote @ tata_vinalles25.


Source (Rizka Diputra, Jurnalis )