, Jakarta – Ronny Dozer’s new job as an online taxi driver proves to many people if success can be achieved in many ways. Comedian and 40-year-old actor was considered a success to inspire the way to earn a fortune without depending on others.

In social media, many netizens support and praise the sitcom Extravaganza star in picking up and dropping passengers to the destination. Although famous artist, Ronny Dozer not minder with his new profession as an online taxi driver.

“The income of this online taxi is pretty good, I like him, Humble, active service, masi much off the water tp tetep persistent Gudlak always for u Om Ron ?,” wrote @ indaintan23 account in Instagram.

“Ga There’s something wrong .. Job shooting deserted, tetep pake Halal way,” connect account @queenezmo.

“SALUT om !! persistent, hard worker, artist like this ijk demen banget, let alone read komen mbak” its never meet sm sm directly, he said its appearance is simple, good sm small child, waduuuh so want to meet directly, respect om, spirit yess !, “Said @aisyahkhf account.

Ronny Dozer name is quite surprising after a netizen informed that the man was born in Denpasar, August 20, 1975 this switch job as an online taxi driver.

Account @ veryluckylady88, uploaded a photo of himself enjoying the services of Ronny Dozer as an online taxi driver. He did not expect, the man who escorted him to the destination is a famous artist.

“Driver @Uber_JKT me famous artist: D #RonnyDozer,” write the account known as Ratna Dewi, as a photo caption. (Gie)