TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM, PALEMBANG – A month being a fugitive, M Adi Topan alias Aloi (40 years), an online taxi driver persecutor in front of Palembang Square (PS) Mall, Jalan Angkatan 45 Palembang arrested Unit 2 Subdit III of North Sumatra Regional Police Discreskrimum on Friday (1 / 2/2019).

Aloi was arrested while on Jalan Merdeka, precisely in front of the Simple restaurant.

Aloi was arrested for being involved in raiding online taxi driver Rizky Al Qodri on 1 January 2019.

From Aloi’s confession, he was beating because he was upset when asking for money was not even given.

“He parked waiting for passengers, because he parked. I asked for parking money. But he didn’t give it, then I left,” he said.

After taking the passenger then left, Rizky returned to the same place.

For the second time, Aloi asked the victim for parking money. Again, parking money is not given.

Rizky suddenly approached himself and made words that made Aloi feel offended.

Because of that offense, Rizky immediately hit him using wood.

“The victim said, rather than giving it to me, it would be better to give it to orphans. And then I became angry,” said this resident of Blok 18, Bukit Kecil District, Palembang.

Aloi admitted that when he beat the victim and was drunk with alcoholic wine. After hitting the victim, he immediately left the victim.

Kanit II Subdistrict III Jatanras Ditreskrimum South Sumatra Regional Police Kompol Bakhtiar said the perpetrators were arrested while in front of a Simple Jalan Merdeka restaurant in Ilir Barat I District, Palembang.

“The motive of the perpetrators of persecuting the victims was because the victims did not want to give money when the perpetrators bullied victims.”

“At that time the victim was a Gocar driver again parked his car in front of Palembang Square and then asked for money by the perpetrators but was not filled with victims so the angry perpetrators then persecuted the victim with his friend who is still a DPO,” he said.