MANGUPURA, – An employee of a minimarket in Jalan Padang Linjong, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung, Nanang Hariyanto (25), Saturday (8/2) lost a bag that was placed near the bathroom where he worked. The results of the police investigation, the culprit is none other than an online taxi driver, Riahman Sitopu (30).

He was arrested in the Kuta area on Monday (10/2). “The mode is by pretending to use the bathroom and then taking the victim’s bag,” said North Kuta Police Chief Dewa Putu Gede Anom Danujaya, accompanied by the Head of Public Relations Sub Unit of Badung Police Iptu Ketut Gede Oka Bawa, Sunday (16/2).

Chronologically, continued Anom Police Chief, the victim on Friday (7/2) at 11:00 pm Wita worked at the crime scene. While the bag is placed in a warehouse near the bathroom.

Then on Saturday (8/2) at 5:30 a.m. Wita, the victim checked her bag but was not there. The victim then reported the incident to the North Kuta Sector Police.

Based on the report, the North Kuta Police Sector Opsnal Team led by Panit 1 Ipda I Made Galih Arta Wiguna conducted an investigation. After checking the CCTV footage at the scene, the perpetrator was seen entering the bathroom.
When he came out, he pinned something under his armpit. “The perpetrator’s car was also recorded on CCTV,” he said.

With the results of the recording, on Monday (10/2) at 22:00 West Indonesian Time, the perpetrators were arrested in the Kuta area. At that time the perpetrator was looking for an order.

The perpetrator admitted stealing the victim’s bag and he was immediately taken to the police station. Secured evidences, black waist bag and brown wallet containing Rp. 1,000,000, 10 Hong Kong Dollars, victim ID and BCA ATM card.