TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – All public transport in three regencies / cities in North Sumatra plan to carry out a mass strike for three consecutive days.

Apart from those in Medan, public transportation in Binjai and Deliserdang (Mebidang) was also followed.

This will be done because until now online-based transport is growing rapidly in the three regions.

Chairperson of the Land Transport Organization (Organda) Deliserdang, Frans Simbolon said it would strike on July 17-19 2019.

Aiming for the government, in this case the Governor can take immediate policy by implementing Minister of Transportation Regulation number 118 of 2018 concerning rental transportation specifically for online transportation.

Frans specified the number of transports in Medan there were around 5,000 vehicles, Deliserdang 2,000 and Binjai 1,000 which would not operate as part of this strike.

“We ask that the Minister of Transportation Regulation be implemented in North Sumatra because it has already been implemented by the Minister of Transportation on June 18, 2019. We did not carry out demonstrations but the transportation broke down for three days and within 24 hours. This is a form of our protest, “Frans said Monday (07/08/2019).

Frans said that they hoped that all online transportation vehicles operating in compliance with the Minister of Transportation Regulation 118.

Special rental transportation or online transportation must be equipped with surveillance cards from the Provincial Transportation Agency.

“The vehicle is official if you want to be an online transport must have a surveillance card from the Department of Transportation.
In some areas such as Jakarta and Bandung it has been implemented. The application company in this case Grab or Go-jek has not implemented the regulation. So they acted no longer in their authority. Their application company is not a freight company. They have no right to manage transportation. Now people register directly with Grab, “Frans said.

Ideally in accordance with the provisions, continued Frans, before being accepted directly after registering and being given an application, the person who wants to register must first take care of the surveillance card stating that he already has permission to carry out special or online transportation from the Transportation Agency.

He argued in the Minister of Transportation Regulation, It is written that the application company may not provide applications to vehicles that do not have a surveillance card permitting the operation of special cards.

Get special attention

In April 2019, the commotion between online taxis and conventional taxis also received special attention from PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport Branch Bali and local council members.

“Some time ago Indonesian DPD member Arya Wedakarna met us to discuss the problem of conventional taxis and online taxis. It is indeed our common concern and we will discuss it again this Sunday. And we will rearrange this transportation with online-based ones in accordance with the applicable regulations, “said General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero), I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport Branch, Bali, Haruman Sulaksono, Tuesday (2/4/2019) afternoon.

Haruman added, each has been regulated according to the applicable regulations, but understanding in the field has not been evenly distributed so that there are deviations from regulation, even causing friction in the field.

“I think that each party, especially online, understands that there must be rules that bind them. There must be permission from the management of the new airport, they can carry out activities to take passengers, because once our permission will inform other taxi business people. For now (online taxis) there is no permit, “explained Haruman.

In the future, he hopes that both parties can be scheduled to meet together and sit together.

 “We will first arrange conventional line transport, after that we will discuss online taxis. It’s gradual and can’t be mixed up, “he added.

At present there are five taxi cooperatives that have collaborated with PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport Branch Bali with a total unit of 900 taxi units.

“Yesterday we agreed that 900 taxi units will be held but we haven’t added it for a while. That (existing) we will arrange it well to serve passengers at the airport, “Haruman said