TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Senior actor Mathias Muchus made President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) a reflection of Abdi’s character in his latest film Akad, to be filmed this month.

In the film Akad, the 63-year-old actor becomes a father who works as an online taxi driver and tries to find a companion for his daughter (Indah Permatasari). Although it looks relaxed, there is a purpose in every action.

“In my creative mind, Abdi is like Jokowi. Casual, relaxed but full of stories. It’s really Jokowi, “joked Mathias in the Akad film thanksgiving press conference in Jakarta, Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

The film that will lift the beauty of Mandalika in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara will also star in Kevin Julio Nino Fernandez, Debo Andryos and Jennifer Coppen. Reka Wijaya became the director and screenwriter.

Mathias said he was interested when he heard the title of the film Akad. From there he dug deeper information, ranging from who the director to the players involved. “The strength of this film is its simplicity,” he said.

Akad tells the story of a family of Abdi (Mathias Muchus), a father who works as an online taxi driver and his two children.

The cast and director of Akad.

When his first child, Indira (Indah Permatasari) had grown up and never married, Abdi who felt guilty to his late wife felt compelled to find a mate.

A passenger who boarded Abdi’s car turned out to be his daughter’s ex-boyfriend. The story that had become the past developed again between them. Romance and family drama in the Akad will be wrapped with comedy that tickles the hearts of the audience.

The beautiful scenery of Mandalika, Lombok, is predicted to be the main attraction of the Akad which is expected to continue the trail of “Laskar Pelangi” as a lightening tourism spike in the region which is used as a shooting location.

But Mathias Muchus hopes that Akad is able to marry natural beauty and stories into a single unit. “I have experienced it in the AADC film and Laskar Pelangi, an extraordinary image for Belitung which at that time was never discussed, immediately rose in popularity. Hopefully Lombok and Mandalika can be like that, “he said.

The shooting for the Akad is planned to take 30 days in Jakarta and Mandalika, Lombok. The Akad was produced by IFI Sinema in collaboration with PT Indonesia Tourism Development or the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), E-Motion Entertainment and the State Film Corporation Public Corporation.